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About William

“WIlliam is a native of the Pacific Northwest. He has been skippering vessels ever since he graduated from college in 1985. When he is not navigating the seas you can find him flying down the slopes on a pair of ski's. He currently resides on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle.”

Aboard since 2016

From Seattle, WA

Reviews of William (13)

  • Mark
    5/5 stars (5/5)
    Jun. 19th

    JB the captain was extremely informative and professional and helped his meet Kennedy who was also informative and professional it was just a great Father’s Day. I highly recommend contacting the owner Will.

  • Tommy
    5/5 stars (5/5)
    Apr. 30th

    Our group had an amazing time on the boat! We were given a great tour of Lake Washington and the crew was very accommodating. Captain Will was very communicative leading up to our reservation which made the process of getting to/on the boat seamless. The boat itself was perfect for 13 people, all 13 can fit inside if it's raining. I would highly recommend booking with Will and hope to book again soon!

  • Adam
    5/5 stars (5/5)
    Aug. 19th

    Absolutely fabulous boat, great and competent crew who taught my kids how to read a compass:) and the owner is eminently flexible, professional and knowledgeable. Thank you for a great trip!

  • Hongyi
    5/5 stars (5/5)
    Jul. 10th

    great experience just like last year, definitely will come back for sure!
    Highly recommended. A++

  • Serg
    5/5 stars (5/5)
    May. 15th

    Great boat, knowledgeable captain, awesome experience! Would recommend this charter to others and would do it again.

  • Suzie
    2/5 stars (2/5)
    Jul. 25th

    From the start, Will was late getting to the dock where we were all ready and prompt for our start time. Before boating he notified me that he would have a boat hand aboard helping, but did not informing me that his niece and her friend would also be aboard. At the end of the trip he requested a large tip for this "crew" even though 3 people not needed to support our 5 hour trip from Lake Union to Andrew's Bay. Not to mention, we are in the middle of a pandemic and did not appreciate having 2 additional strangers aboard with us.
    Next, be weary of Will's strict policies aboard. You will take off your shoes right when you get on board. He will sit your whole group down (literally) and spend the next 5-10 minutes listing rules. It is expected for there to be rules on a nice boat, but his approach and hospitality was unnecessary. It dampened the mood for our group of 14 people and no one felt comfortable touching anything, sitting or even using the bathroom.
    This boat is great, big and spacious (hence the 2 stars), it's just the captain's demeanor, approach and hospitality that could be improved. If you're looking for a boat for a casual cruise with office folks, then this is for you. If you have a group of friends you want to party with and have a good time, this isn't for you.

  • Liu
    1/5 stars (1/5)
    Aug. 11th

    The boat is OK. The boat owner was not nice.
    We rented the boat at August 11 and put down a separate $500 deposit, with the understanding per Boatsetter's policy that this deposit should be returned to me after the rental time frame.

    However, this deposit was never returned to me in full. The boat owner has claimed that my friend group and I have damaged a table during our time on the boat, and this has cost him $250 dollar to fix, which he has deducted from our deposit. He provided a picture of the supposedly damaged table and an invoice for the repair fees. My issues with these events and "evidences" are that:

    1) He has never provided any support to show that it was indeed my friend group and I that had damaged his table. Without this evidence, it should not be possible to claim that we are the ones who caused the supposed damage. He has also not provided any additional details around the supposed damage beyond the unclear photo.

    2) The invoice he provided and that I have attached below does not total the $250 sum he had charged us. In addition, I could not find evidence that the vendor "Eddie's Marine Services" as a legitimate business, and the address within the invoice is for an apartment complex, not a boat repair shop.

  • Cathy
    5/5 stars (5/5)
    Jul. 06th

    We had a great cruise around Lake Washington with Captain Will and his team! We would absolutely do it again!

  • David
    5/5 stars (5/5)
    Aug. 06th

    Amazing and huge boat. We had a great time.
    A few rules, but that goes with the territory of owning a boat.

  • Matt
    3/5 stars (3/5)
    Aug. 01st

    Nice boat, good time. William is a bit crusty though; he arm-barred my Mom, unnecessarily honked at a patron and was generally sardonic.

  • Jarvis
    5/5 stars (5/5)
    Jun. 24th

    Will was a great host! The boat was awesome and he took us on a really cool tour. The boat is huge and the ride was amazing. When renting a large boat in Seattle, I will only use will. 5 star experience

  • Ahmed
    5/5 stars (5/5)
    May. 25th

    William was great! He made sure that we all had an amazing time and he did an impressive parallel parking of the yacht between two other boats in the end ;)

  • Sherry
    5/5 stars (5/5)
    Oct. 22nd

    William is a very experienced captain. The boat is neat and nice! The view was also great! We had a fun office outing! Thanks, William!