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Don’t walk Chicago, boat it by water instead of simply walking around the city. Chicago boat rentals use the iconic Chicago skyline as the permanent backdrop of your trip to the Windy City. You are sure to make strong memories, take amazing photos and go back to your own town with an even greater love and appreciation of one of the most popular cities in America. Whether it’s floating down the Chicago River or cruising along the shores of Lake Michigan, you will be sure to experience stunning sights from the boat deck that simply cannot be experienced from land.

Chicago Architecture by Boat

The diverse architecture along the river reflects how Chicago grew from a small settlement into a bustling metropolis in less than 100 years. The sights of modern skyscrapers like the Hancock Center, Marina City, Willis Tower, and Trump Tower, as well as historic skyscrapers like the Sullivan Center, The Rookery and Tribune Tower can all be enjoyed from the comfort of your affordable yacht charter.

Chicago Scene Boat Party

Kick off your summer with the Chicago Scene Boat Party, an annual event that has become the largest waterfront draw in the city! Celebrate Boat Party Weekend relaxing on your affordable yacht charter for an awesome day on the river. Picture this: It’s the end of a long day of boating (with lots of fishing, sunbathing and swimming) and you’ve anchored the boat just off the coast of Navy Pier in time for the fireworks show. You’ve got snacks and beverages and the air around you is exploding with the colors of the fireworks. There are no crowds and you aren’t sharing the sights and the boat with 100 other people on a tour. This is what a vacation on a Chicago boat rental feels like.

Cruising Lake Michigan

There are plenty of activities for families, newlyweds, and partiers on Lake Michigan. Chicago boat rentals are perfect for cruising, fishing, diving, water sports, sunbathing or snorkeling. Find just the right type of lake boat for your adventure. The best way to take in the scenery is simply to cruise. Boatsetter experts recommend checking out Montrose Beach in the afternoon. While the views of the city are never completely out of sight or out of mind, Montrose Beach offers a friendly neighborhood feel. From the beach or your boat deck, you can still see Chicago far off in the distance.

Finding Chicago Boat Rentals

Securing a boat rental for your Chicago vacation is simple. Boatsetter connects boat seekers with available vessels throughout the country. When you book online with Boatsetter there is no cancellation fee if you cancel your reservation within 24 hours of the planned travel date. We also have experienced boat captains available to do the navigating for you. Let our captains help plan your trip so all you have to do is show up and enjoy yourself.

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