Lake Conroe, A Boating Paradise

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Lake Conroe, Texas

Located only one hour from downtown Houston, Lake Conroe is experiencing a huge surge in tourism and for a good reason. This beautiful lake is where the Texans and tourists alike go to escape the city heat and hit the water for a few days of fun in the sun. Extending over 21 miles in length with it’s clean, fresh water, this Texas paradise is the perfect place for a Lake Conroe boat rental. Whether you're cruising the water by speedboat or tritoon, there’s endless fun for family and friends that awaits you at this endless getaway. From sunrise to sundown, Boatsetter’s got you covered, which is why we created this useful guide to get you along the way.

Hop about a tritoon and start your own party

If the pontoon wasn’t big enough for you we’ve even got a tritoon on the water that awaits you and your group. With this Lake Conroe boat rental that’s built for comfort, you can cruise the lake in style. Since the tritoon comes fitted with a bar with running water, you can easily prepare food and drinks and eat comfortably on its luxury chairs, while sipping back on an ice cold beverage. And if music is your thing, we got that too! Our tritoon comes fitted with Bluetooth speakers so you can play your favorite playlist out on the water throughout the day.

Hit the water and go tubing

Once you’ve enjoyed a nice lunch on your tritoon, it’s time to get in on a little water sports action. Since our tritoon comes with the option to go tubing you can jump off the back deck and take a dip. Once you’ve mounted the tube it’s time to fly! Hang on tight while your Lake Conroe boat rental picks up speed and soars you down Lake Conroe in style. Since the tube can hold more than one person feel free to make this a team effort with your friends and family.

Cruise over to the sandbar in style

After flying down the lake while tubing, it’s time for some rest and relaxation on the Lake Conroe sandbar. Here you can dock your boat rental and find young crowds and families alike throwing footballs and working on their tans under the sun. At the sandbar, you can be sure to find all the lake’s best party’s, and even enjoy some volleyball with the group. You can also just lounge in the sand and socialize with all the other boaters that came to Lake Conroe to get away from the city.

Dock up at Fajita Jacks and eat some of the best food on the lake

Getting hungry after all of that tubing on the water and sunbathing on the sandbar? Then it’s time to dock the boat up at one of Lake Conroe best-known restaurants, Fajita Jacks. Known as a hangout for locals, there’s no better place to dock up and grab a margarita and a few fajitas. And if you’re a music lover, they got you covered. You can find live music at Fajita Jack’s on most any day throughout the year.

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