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Lake Pleasant, Arizona

Known for being one of the most prominent artificial reservoirs surrounding the Phoenix metropolitan area, Lake Pleasant is the perfect place for a weekend getaway. This amazing lake is where the Arizonans and visitors alike go to escape the city heat and hit the water for some fun in the sun. Extending over 10,000 acres with it’s clean, fresh lake water, this Arizona getaway is the perfect place for a Lake Pleasant boat rental. Whether you're cruising the water by pontoon or going water skiing from the back of a speedboat, there’s no end to how much fun you can have at this Arizona getaway. From the lake to the sandbar, Boatsetter’s Lake Pleasant boat rentals got you covered, which is why we created this useful guide to get you along the way.

Rent a speedboat and cruise down the lake in style

While they’re known for being some of the fastest boats on the water, speedboats are actually quite comfortable. You can ride out to the center of the lake and turn off the motor for some rest and relaxation under the sun. Pull out a nice packed lunch and some ice cold beers and you’re pretty much in heaven on water. Hook up your new playlist to some of the boat’s Bluetooth speakers and make your Lake Pleasant boat rental your own little island under the sun. Once the heat kicks in, you can start up the engine and enjoy that nice lake breeze while cruising down the water in comfort.

Use the speed boat for some good ole’ fun

With a Boatsetter speedboat rental, you can bring your entire crew aboard and fly down the lake at top speed. Since speedboats come stacked with high horsepower, they’re perfect for water sports of all types. You can go tubing or even double-tubing with your friends and see who can stay on the tube longer after hitting a righteous wave. You can also go water skiing at top speeds and even go wakeboarding. Get your cameras out because nothing beats watching your friends nail a 360 while water skiing or wakeboarding from the back of a speedboat on Lake Pleasant.

Dock up at the Scorpion Bay Club for some drinks and live music

After a long day out on the water, you might be wondering where you can go to get some dinner and live music in the shade. Rest assured, at the Scorpion Bay Club, one of Lake Pleasant’s best-known restaurants and bars you can cruise right over on your Lake Pleasant boat rental and dock up at this venue that was built on a floating dock. Have a try at some of the regions best craft beers and fried shrimp while listening to local bands jam out from sunrise till sundown. After hours, you can also head over to the well-known local hangout Dillon's Bayou and dock-up at this evening restaurant to keep the adventure going.

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