4 Ways to Keep Up with Your Boat Maintenance

4 Ways to Keep Up with Your Boat Maintenance

Written by Boatsetter Team
July 31, 2020

Last Updated on August 17, 2023 by Boatsetter Team

Easy Guide to Keeping your Boat Healthy

Having a boat nowadays is a thrilling experience. It makes you feel powerful and it is really challenging yet relaxing to drive one. However, having a boat means a lot of responsibility and costs. Everyone who owns a boat or a yacht knows that its maintenance may be expensive, especially if you are renting your boat to tourists. In order to keep up with your boat maintenance and to have your vessel ready for a new venture, you have to make sure that it always stays clean, neat, and checked thoroughly. Here are four best ways on how to maintain your boat that can help you in the future.

Utilize a Yacht Management Company

Owning a boat is an elaborate business, an as such you are going to need help in maintaining it. If you purchase your boat via a management company, you are a lucky person. Here is why. The company will offer you the so-called maintenance package, meaning that they will be in charge of helping you out with the cleaning and necessary preparations. The team of professionals will have it ready for boat charters if you decide so. In that way, you will offset boat maintenance costs and you will be able to enjoy the boat properly. That is why the services of a yacht management company are more than welcome.

Keep the Boat in Dry Storage

There are advantages for both wet and dry storage of the boats, but in order to have it easily accessible for maintenance, you will want to keep it in dry boat storage marina.  If you do so, you will keep the vessel from any possible water damage when you are not using it. That means that your boat will need to be lifted out of the water, so choose a marina that offers cranes and track systems. Also, if you want to work on it or repair the boat, the dry storage is perfect for that. If you need to replace a propeller, for example, it is much easier to do it when it is protected from water. If you use the dry storage, your boat will be shiny and good looking for may years, but you can also make a decision whether to store a boat in freshwater or saltwater.

Regular Check-Ups

Just like with your car, for example, having regular check-ups is as important as the maintenance itself. Schedule monthly checks up of your vessel at your yacht management company, so you are sure that everything is all right with your boat. If you are using your boat often or you have it rented for charter tours, checking it up frequently can only be beneficial and even boost your bookings. Schedule inspections of all of the boat’s parts including the interior and exterior for cleaning. In this renting business, everything needs to be neat.

Keep Track of Your Boat’s Maintenance

Once you start a general inspection of the boat or the yacht, it is good to keep a diary and enter the dates of each revision. This is important because you don’t want to change parts all the time because you are not sure if you had done it previously. Have a small notebook where you will keep records of everything you had done for the boat, and thus observe the progress of your investment.

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