5 Apps No Boat Captain Should Even Try to Live Without

Boat captains use technology to improve boat safety, improve the overall boating experience for their clientele and here are five apps for boat rentals that no boat captain should even try to live without! Yep, there are apps for boat rentals for that!

Attention Boat Captains: Download these apps for boat rentals that are ah-mazing!

Navionics - Navionics has a suite of apps for boat rentals downloadable for iPhone or Android devices, that:
  • Provide electronic charts to help you navigate local waterways,
  • Assist with dock to dock auto-routing so you can plan out your boat rental route, especially including tips for passing through narrow passages and channels.
  • You can even calculate estimated fuel usage, locate nearby restaurants and more!
NOAA - NOAA which stands for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, is the go to source for information about pending weather but also has many other apps for boat rentals that boat captains can't live without! Check out these great apps from NOAA and many more:
  • Dolphin & Whale 911 - the app that lets you alert officials if you spot a dolphin, whale, seal or manatee in distress.
  • CrowdMag - the app that lets you volunteer to be a part of scientific research by tracking magnetic fields and submitting data to scientists at NOAA.
  • Fish Rules - the app that helps you review the fishing regulations and rules for US waters from Maine to Texas plus the Bahamas, internationally.
  • Marine Debris Tracker - the app that helps you make a difference in keeping our waterways clean! Check in when you find trash piling up while out on your boat rentals.
Know Wake - Any boat captain will tell you it's critically important to stay on top of where the wake zones are...but this app offers so much more! From the closest sandbar to the best dive sites, Know Wake's app for boat rentals is a must-have. You'll be in the know about the latest weather patterns, tides as well as tips on the best snorkel spots, marinas and restaurant near you. Boatrax - For the boat owner or the boat captain, Boatrax is a great app for boat rentals to keep you connected and enjoying life out on the water.
  • Use the app to log a snapshot of the boat including weather conditions, fuel levels, trip details, to do lists and much more!
  • Check out the trip log to record boating destinations, create provisioning lists, and invite friends to set sail!
  • Split the costs of the boating fun easily with this cool app.
Windy - For those who love the thrill of the wind catching the sail, here's the ultimate app for boat rentals! Boat captains use it for to navigate their way to harness the wind. You'll be a rock star boat captain when you use the Windy app to find out what your favorite spots' wind conditions are, navigate to new spots and check out the extended forecast up to 240 hours out. Boatsetter, the #1 boat rental community, is the perfect side hustle or full-time career for experienced and Coast Guard-licensed boat captains. Our boat owners and boat rental community are in need of great captains, just like you! Here's how it works:
  • Join the Boatsetter captain network (free, quick, easy).
  • Connect with our team to verify your certification.
  • Set up a great profile outlining your boat captain experience and areas of specialty.
  • Connect with boat owners looking for experienced captains just like you.
Boom, you're ready to set sail on your path to a new career! You set your calendar and accept/decline all work requests. You earn as much or as little as you choose, on your terms. Ready to join?


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  1. Avatar John Debella says:

    Don’t forget Boatyard! Services app for boat owners!

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