Chicago River during St. Patrick's Day

5 Places to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on the Water

Written by Boatsetter Team
March 10, 2018

Last Updated on January 13, 2022 by Boatsetter Team

St. Patrick’s Day tops the list of many people’s favorite holidays. There’s no gift-giving, no stress, just good times to be had by all. It’s a celebration of Irish culture that has been beloved for hundreds of years. Whether you are live in a small town or New York City, you are sure to wear some green, find some corned beef and hash and drink a few pints. Here are Boatsetter’s top 5 places to enjoy the festivities.

1. Chicago

When it comes to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, nothing beats Chicago. The annual tradition is to die the river green to really ring in the holiday. There is a big parade and the city really kicks into gear to enjoy its historical roots. There’s no better way to enjoy it all than from the deck of your own private charter boat.

2. San Antonio

San Antonio is not exactly a place that first comes to mind when thinking about St. Patrick’s Day. Most us think of it as being the home of the Alamo. But Texas actually had a large number of Irish settlers who came to call San Antonio and the area around it home. Get ready for good fun as you go up the river and across the city on a party pontoon.

3. Boston

Few cities have stronger Irish roots than Boston. At 20.4% of the total population, Boston has the largest concentration of Irish people outside of Ireland. So you can imagine that there are some good times to be had. You can even hear the bagpipes of the parade from the water!

4. Philadelphia

Philadelphia is one of America’s oldest cities and any celebration there is a good time. It is the perfect mix of history and culture with a dash of modern flare. So forget the Cheesesteaks for a day and head onboard one of the many great ships to sail around the city and get a taste of St. Patrick’s Day close at hand.

5. St. Louis

St. Louis doesn’t get enough love these days. It is such a remarkable city and the famous gateway to the West. In the old days, it was the last major stop before people headed out to the unsettled frontiers. Don’t worry, however, because nothing gets more fun than cruising the Mississippi on one of those famous old-school boats and getting a blend of Old West meets Irish culture.

Make it Great

Depending on what state or city you live in, you may or may not get St. Patrick’s Day off. Either way the best way to celebrate is on a boat. There is only thing left to remember, make sure your boss is ready for you to call in sick the day after! Cheers!

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