7 Reasons why you should be in Mexico right now

Written by Boatsetter Team
February 17, 2018

Winter is nearly halfway over, but it certainly doesn’t feel that way! With record cold temps all around the world, a little break in the sunshine would be great. Here are seven of the top reasons you should be in Mexico right now!

1) Warm Weather

Mexico is a big country so the temperature average varies from place to place. All you need to know is that in general, it is warm! The average January temperature in Cancun, for example, is 73 degrees. It’s also a drier time of year so you have a huge chance of getting those clear blue sunny skies.

2) The Food

Forget about the Tex-Mex you get down the street and have some truly incredible food. Whether you choose to sail from Puerto Vallarta on the Caribbean or Cabo on the Pacific, you can have some of the best seafood in the world. Try a well-loved favorite like Mariscos Las Tres Islas in Cabo and you’ll be in for the treat of your life!

3) Diving and Snorkeling

With shimmering green warm waters of the Caribbean coast, there is no better time to escape from work than during January. There are so many great island destinations that have some incredible coral reefs and a huge array of natural life for you to explore.

4) It’s All About the Beaches

Who doesn’t love beaches? White sand and warm sun. What else more could you want? Mexico has some true beach paradise that has a little something for everyone. You can head to Cancun for a party of somewhere like Holbox where you have a high chance of having your own private beach.

5) National Parks

Mexico has a long history. Home to thousand-year-old civilizations, there is so much to discover. Its national parks are nearly unbeatable. One great example is the Parque Nacional Desierto de los Leones which is just south of Mexico City and is home to some incredible ruins and other incredible geographic features.

6) Watersports

Just as Mexico is incredible for diving and snorkeling so too can you imagine that it would be great for other watersports. You can do some seriously excellent surfing just south of San Diego in places like Rosarito or use the calmer waters on the East Coast for fun activities like paragliding or taking out a jet ski!

7) Unbeatable Fishing

At the end of the day, it all comes back to fishing. Nothing beats chartering your own boat in Mexico and either taking part in one of the many annual competitions or bringing your own friends and family out on the water. South, north, east or West from Cabo to Cozumel, you have some amazing fishing opportunities.

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