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It’s an Endless Summer with Boatsetter

Written by Boatsetter Team
September 20, 2019

Last Updated on January 13, 2022 by Boatsetter Team

Make the Warm Weather Last Longer with a Miami Boat Rental

The USA is a country full of diverse landscapes with all kinds of weather conditions. While most of the northern parts of the country can be incredible for summer boating vacations, it can get pretty chilly in most areas as early as September. Even if you have beautiful rivers and lakes nearby, it doesn’t really help you as a boater if they will be frozen solid for the next five months.

So what do you do if you are still looking for endless summer fun on the water? Thankfully, there are thousands of beaches and resorts in the southern part of the country to enjoy boat rentals. From Miami and West Palm Beach in Florida, to Austin, Texas, to the islands of Hawaii, and finally down into Mexico for the beaches of Cabo San Lucas, here are five of the best places to keep your summer going. And if you’re looking for a party, why not head over to Haulover Sandbar for some fun in the sun!

Miami: Boating Brickell Bay and Beyond

Florida is the only state on the US mainland that can truly boast year-round summer weather. If you enjoy the sun and being out on the water, a Miami boat rental is an excellent option for you and your friends. Whether you are seeking a quiet night on the calm water, a breathtaking set of city views, or menu upon menu of hard-to-find seafood options, Miami is definitely a city that has something for you.

Find a new favorite bar or restaurant to dock and eat after your relaxing day on your Miami boat rental. Enjoy your meal on the dockside terraces or watch impressive yachts and sturdy fishing vessels sail smoothly along Brickell Bay and all the way down to the Florida Keys and beyond. There are so many venues to enjoy some cool drinks during Miami’s famous happy hour. Dock your Miami boat rental at Park the Boat and get ready to enjoy your evening!

Yacht Trips in West Palm Beach

If you sail your Miami boat rental in a northerly direction from Brickell Bay, you’ll reach another one of Florida’s incredible beachfront cities. When you rent a boat in West Palm Beach, you can truly live like a millionaire if you choose a large, luxurious yacht. Rent one with a table and seating area on the bow for the perfect place to simply relax and soak up the sun during the warm days. This type of rental just happens to be one of the most memorable ways to celebrate holidays and other celebratory events with your friends and family.

When you rent a boat in West Palm Beach, you have lots of options of specific types of boats. Many of our fleet can be very affordable if you split the cost between you and six other people. You can even adjust your reservation from a full to a half day! So whether you select a Marquis yacht, a pontoon, or a catamaran, you’ll definitely have a great time when you rent a boat in West Palm Beach.

Sailing an Austin boat charter up to Lake Travis

In Austin, Texas, it is really easy to have a boat party in the beautiful Lake Travis area. You can launch your Austin boat charter right in the middle of the city and follow the winding Colorado River all the way up to the lake. This way, you can enjoy all the river and the lake has to offer on the same Austin boat charter trip.

Some popular activities here include wakeboarding and riding jet skis. It is also an excellent place for kayaking and bass fishing. Another great place to explore on your Austin boat charter is Pace Bend, State Park. This is truly a place of contrasts, with hot, dry summers and icy winters, so make sure you plan accordingly for the weather. Be aware that black bears and mountain lions have been seen regularly in the park. There is also a long beach that follows the Colorado River to the south and east of the park.

Making a Hawaii Boat Experience

Enjoy your Hawaii boat experience within the entire volcanic Hawaiian archipelago, which comprises hundreds of islands spread over 1,500 miles, including Nihau, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Kaholawe, Maui, and Hawaii itself. The last is easily the largest island in the group and it is often called the “Big Island”. All of the islands are worth exploring on your Hawaii boat experience – it all just depends on how much time you have on the water.

While enjoying the natural scenery of your Hawaii boat experience, be sure to scan the clear waters for friendly dolphins and whales! We recommend snorkeling through the calm bays and exploring the many coral reefs around Hawaii. On most of the Hawaiian islands, it is possible to rent any kind of boat you choose and also to hire a captain to really enhance your Hawaii boat experience.

Partying in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is an ideal town for summer partying. If you haven’t had enough of the amazing summer beach parties sitting around a big fire, then Cabo is just the place for you. When you rent a boat in Cabo San Lucas, you can always count on year-round warm weather and amazing nightlife. Sail out to the arching stone cliffs at Land’s End when you rent a boat in Cabo San Lucas and enjoy endless activities like diving, jet-skiing, banana boating, parasailing, snorkeling, and kitesurfing through the calm, green waters of the bay.

You can really relax in style when you rent a boat in Cabo San Lucas with all of the incredible resorts, beaches, and nightlife in the area. Just make sure you take as many pictures as you can to make the trip really memorable for you and your friends when you rent a boat in Cabo San Lucas. The best type of boat package is one of our all-inclusive charters, which come with an executive chef, full breakfast and lunch options, as well as beer, wine, margaritas, soft drinks, and water all included in your daily rate

Enjoying the Endless Summer!

Even as summer comes to an end in most of the country, we’ve shown you just a few of the places where you can still rent a boat and the weather will still feel like summer. With long, cold days approaching soon for most of us, now is the perfect time to try and get in one more amazing trip that will keep you going through the dark and dreary winter days ahead.

Boatsetter offers a unique service that matches boat owners with potential renters. Be sure to take advantage of our services today! In addition to the places we’ve discussed above, there are so many amazing tourist resorts in the southern part of the country to enjoy boat rentals. If you browse through our impressive fleet, you will be sure to find lots and lots of boats near you that will meet your endless summer boating needs!


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