It’s (almost) New Year’s Eve: exactly how happy are you?

Are boat rentals the key to happiness in September and beyond?

Suddenly it’s September and another 75% of your year has slipped away without little or no fanfare. Before the rest of the year kicks into high gear and we hear our own voices yelling out, “Happy New Year!” let’s take a moment to assess our work-life balance. Spoiler alert: boat rentals can help tip the scales in your favor. After a fun-filled summer spent with your crew on boat rentals that cruised along the waterways soaking in the sun, the transition back to a more serious work mode can be daunting. But making the shift from Labor Day’s last boating hurrah to a more business centered mindset doesn’t have to be so traumatic. Achieving a healthy work-life balance is the key to coasting through the year’s last quarter as smoothly as if you were sailing into the sunset. We mean that literally—as in, actually sailing into the sunset is key. Achieving a healthy work-life balance is as easy as making time to be inspired. Having a busy work-life schedule doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice the things you love (like boating!), or isolate them into to a single season. The truth is everything that you love about summer is still within reach—the crystal clear sea, the sparkling (if slightly cooler) sand, the gentle surf, and that feeling of freedom you get when you hit the open water. Sure, as temperatures drop you might want to bring a warm jacket. But getting out on the water and boating with friends and family, or even on your own, ensures that you are still making time for the things you love. In other words, there is no reason to sing the September blues—not when boat rentals are available year round! At Boatsetter, we’re constantly striving to find that sweet spot. The place where we balance the pressures of modern-day hyper-connectivity with our love for boating. There is no replacement for a day spent jumping waves, swimming by the sandbar or cheers-ing the sun’s inevitable set with a glass of something bubbly. Here are a few suggestions on how to work boat rentals into your busy schedule:
  • Disconnect To Connect: Boat rentals offer one of the best ways disconnect from the day-to-day grind and connect with loved ones! When we do this on a regular basis, we can achieve a healthy work-life balance.
  • Engage Your Team: Studies across the board show that companies who strike a better work-life balance create more engaged and productive teams and an overall happier workplace. Team building boat rentals, now we’re talking!
  • Get “Stuff” Done:  Close the deal out on the waves. Grab a boat rental and impress your prospective client. The perfect balance of work and LIFE - out on a boat!
Reserve your boat rental today. Boatsetter offers a variety of boat rentals from yachts to center consoles and all sizes and makes in between. Boatsetter has a fleet of boats available worldwide to help you get out on the water and happily set sail toward a healthier work-life balance.

Hurry, it’s almost New Year’s Eve!


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