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5 Gifts a Water Enthusiast Will Love

Written by Boatsetter Team
July 30, 2020

Last Updated on May 20, 2022 by Boatsetter Team

Top Five Boating Accessories that Will Be the Perfect Present for the Boaters

With the boating season ahead of us, boat lovers should have a few things in mind for all their like-minded friends. The gifts for boaters don’t need to be expensive or elaborate. It just might be a just a trifle for someone else, while its true value can be seen by all of us, boating lovers. The scope of possible gifts is great, ranging from adorable and fashionable boating accessories to practical items for everyday boating use. Seeing the mere quantity of possible gifts, we chose to pick out our top five boating accessories that are both beautiful and practical, and we have put them together into this handy guide.

Motion Sickness Relief Wrist Band

This is a great item to check out if you are looking for functionality. If you have a friend who loves boating but gets seasick easily, this is the perfect gift for them. It provides relief for motion sickness, and with it, you can show encouragement for them and their hobbies. Not only is it practical but it is also meaningful. We’d say it’s an awesome gift for a friend or a fellow boating lover!

Boat Cleat Key Rack

On the other hand, there are some awesome and interesting gifts out there. For example, a fancy gift that enhances the living space or a boat with a fashionable combination of practicality and not really subtle hint at the preferred hobby? Sign us up! A rack with boat cleats instead of hooks is a perfect way to show off your hobbies. It can hold keys, jackets, and hats, just like any other rack, but it does so without boring hooks, and it is a fashionable addition to a home, whether it be on land or water.

Brass Finish Compass

boating gifts

No nautical themed list of items can be completed without a compass. Easily found on any online site, a brass finish compass is a great gift for those who are into boating and, perhaps, history. It is one of those items that lets captains and boating enthusiasts have the feeling of sailing the undiscovered seas while they use it. And, as if that wasn’t enough, it’s also great as a way to introduce your kids to boating! Tell them a pirate tale, give them a brass finish compass and you’ll see how they’ll grow to like your hobby as much as you do.

Inflatable Double Rider Towable


This towable is both fun to use and practical to take care of. When it’s not in the water, blow out the air and pack it in a bag to take with you. As soon as you start cruising, you can inflate it and use it with your crew as your own, personal space. Just hook it to your boat and sail away into the fun. It’s especially practical if you’re looking to rent a boat as there won’t be any need to try to find one with this boating accessory.

Portable Cooler


And last, but not least, an all-time favorite of all boaters – a portable cooler. With a plethora of choices online or in-store, those boating accessories are an absolute must-have on those long summer days. It doesn’t matter if it’s keeping your water, salad or beer ice cold, it will always have a place on every boat, especially if you rent a boat with Boatsetter. And, when you’re finished using them, they can usually be packed in your bag, so they are the most practical alternative for a portable freezer.

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