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Your boat rental experience just got all techy (there’s an app for that!)

Written by Boatsetter Team
December 27, 2017

Find a boat? Check. Plan a route? Check. Set sail? Check! Yes, there is a boating app for that! Why wouldn’t there be? These days we rely on apps for just about everything and there are many cheap (or free) boating apps that can amp up the fun on your next water-full outing. Whether you’re looking to host your own boating podcast, identify a new fish species, find friends, or simply set sail on your amazing boat rental, your smart phone can do it all.

Take your boat rental to the next level with a little help from technology!

  • Friend Mapper –Trying to meet up with friends in the middle of the ocean can be a bit tricky. With all of that water between you, it can be difficult to pinpoint precise directions. Friend Mapper eliminates the need for waving giant flags in the distance by allowing you to track the location of other phones. This makes locating your BFF a whole lot easier.
  • Last Message – You’re out in the middle of the ocean and your phone battery is going, going, gone. Sound familiar? Whether you made dinner plans with a friend (oops!) or you are just hoping said friend can walk your dog, Last Message can help. This Android app will text, email, Facebook message, or tweet the contacts you select to alert them when your phone is on its last leg.
  • myLite Led FlashlightNight time boating activities require a flashlight. If you run out of batteries or your flashlight gets wet, this backup app provides the perfect solution. myLite Led Flashlight also includes an SOS signal, should you ever need it.
  • IGFA Mobile – If you’re working your way up to expert angler, identifying fish species is part of the fun. The IGFA Mobile app not only helps you identify what kind of fish you just caught, it also ensures that you are not breaking any fishing regulations regarding fish size, season, and fishing limits. The app also allows you to log your fishing catches and read about world records so you can set your fishing goals accordingly.

Grab these boating apps ad put your smartphone to work for you. Use these and other boating apps to get the most out of your boat rental experience. Ready to go boatingBoatsetter has a fleet of privately-owned pristine boat rentals ready to set sail with our without a captain. Just a few clicks and you’re there!

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