Digital check in and check out

Check-in and Check-Out is Now Fully Digital

Written by Boatsetter Team
May 7, 2021

Last Updated on June 15, 2023 by Boatsetter Team

No more printing your check-in and check-out forms! We’ve streamlined the check-in and check-out processes and made them fully digital. Check-in and check-out for your bookings can now be done directly via the Owner app or on the web. We’ve also made these processes accessible to both owners and captains where applicable.

Check-in is available 1 hour before the booking starts until halfway through the duration of the booking. Check-in expires after this point. Check-out is available halfway through the duration of the booking until 1 hour after the booking ends. Check-out expires after this point. Owners will be sent SMS reminders and app push notifications to complete the check-in and check-out on the day of the booking.

Digital Check and Check Out 2

It is mandatory that the owner or captain completes check-in and check-out and takes accompanying photos if the booking is covered by GEICO BoatUS. Coast Guard regulations also require that a check-out orientation takes place. If you provide your own commercial insurance and are not insured through our Geico BoatUS insurance, you are not required to complete the check-in and check-out. However, it is highly recommended in case of damages.

For more information, you can visit this support article.

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