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Fishing Licenses: Explained and Simplified

Written by Boatsetter Team
January 4, 2018

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Make sure You Have a License for Your Fishing Boat Rental

When trying to arrange a fishing boat rental, a lot of people think they can just book the boat, sail out to sea, and start fishing. However, it doesn’t always work like that. It is very important to do a bit of research by brushing up on local rules and regulations when it comes to getting a fishing license. Although this may seem like an unnecessary step, fishing licenses are extremely important, and they are even considered the reason big game fishing exists at all!

If people did not have to get licenses, the oceans would soon become overfished and many amazing species could even become extinct. This short guide will explain the types of fishing licenses that there are, what you need to do to get them, and how to make sure you are following the specific laws of the area you are taking your fishing boat rental. This way, you will not get fined and you won’t have to throw back that huge fish you spent all day trying to catch.

Why do I need a Fishing License for a Fishing Boat Charter?

Fish come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They live in different ocean depths and temperatures. Some estimates are that there are more than 20,000 species of fish. However, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has recently reported that 89.5% of fish stocks are fully fished or overfished. Fishing licenses are actually very similar to hunting licenses. The main reason is to make sure that the numbers of all of the species stay above sustainable levels. Some fish, like carp, are really abundant and there is no need to have rules protecting them. However, other fish, like Atlantic bluefin tuna, are endangered and they have to be protected so that they don’t go extinct.

This is why fishing licenses for these types of fish are only granted during specific times of the year so that there is plenty of time for the species to regenerate. Make sure you are fishing during the right time of the year, regardless of whether you choose a freshwater fishing boat rental or a saltwater fishing boat rental. Here is a quick guide to some of the best warm water fishing spots in the United States, and also check out the world’s top ten saltwater fishing locations. These locations truly range from the cold depths of the northern Atlantic to the tropical waters of the Indian ocean.

How do I get a Fishing License for a Fishing Boat Charter?

While some countries like Belgium and Cyprus do not require anybody to get a fishing license, they are by far the exception. Most countries will require all anglers to have a fishing license (sometimes children under sixteen years of age are exempt). In the USA, every state has its own specific rules and regulations for a freshwater fishing boat rental as well as for a saltwater fishing boat rental. Here is a list of what it takes to obtain a fishing license in each state. The rules are designed to protect the local species in the region. This means that there might be very specific guidelines about when you can fish, where you can fish, and what types of fish you can keep. If you have any doubts about the rules, always follow the recommendations of your captain, as well as directions from local authorities.

Generally, fishing licenses are quite cheap and easy to get at places like Walmart. The process is simple but you will need to discuss your needs with a Walmart employee, who will be near the fishing gear is in the Sports and Outdoors section. Tell the employee if you will be choosing a freshwater fishing boat rental or a saltwater fishing boat rental, and discuss some of the quirkier aspects of the region where you will be planning to go fishing. If this seems like too much trouble, you can often even apply online in most states and then you can just print the license yourself. Also, they are usually valid for at least the entire fishing season.

What Will Happen if I Get Caught Without a Fishing License?

Just like when you are driving a car, in many places it can simply be too difficult for protection officers to patrol the entire region. This means that quite a lot of people simply don’t get fishing licenses for their fishing boat rental, and they often get away with it. If they do happen to get caught, though, the fine is sometimes far higher than the fishing license would have cost.

For example, an annual license in Tennessee costs residents $34 while the fine for fishing without one can be $500 or more. Is it really worth the risk of incurring such a large fine? Also, there can be even larger fines if you are caught fishing in an ecological protection zone or keeping a bigger fish than you are allowed. Keep in mind, too, that there are different types of fishing licenses you’ll need if you choose a freshwater fishing boat rental or a saltwater fishing boat rental. Spend some time doing the research to find out exactly what type of license you need before you set off on your fishing boat rental.

Having a Memorable Meal: Cooking Up your Catch

One of the best things about fishing on a freshwater fishing boat rental or a saltwater fishing boat rental is cooking the fish you catch. There is nothing better than having a meal at sea with your fishing buddies. This is another great reason for you to have a valid fishing license. It is important to know exactly what types of fish you are allowed to keep, as well as the minimum size of those fish. Sometimes, if a fish is too small (or too large), the local regulations stipulate that you need to throw it back into the water. It can be disappointing to have to give up a nice catch when you are out on your fishing boat rental, but that is all part of the sport of fishing.

Developing the Right Attitude on a Fishing Boat Charter

Although it might not always seem like it, fishing licenses really do exist for the benefit of the public. The revenue obtained from fishing licenses is often used to protect local water sources, protect local fish species, and provide funds for enforcement and patrol. Many educational programs, which help improve the skills of new anglers, have been developed with the proceeds from fishing licenses, as well as many of the free clinics, workshops and youth fishing days, learn-to-fish books, and helpful pamphlets. When you get a fishing license for your freshwater fishing boat rental or your saltwater fishing boat rental, you know you are doing the right thing and you can rest easy knowing that your fishing boat charter will not be spoiled by a bunch of big, unexpected fines.

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