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Florida Keys Boat Rentals Have Never Been so Easy

Written by Boatsetter Team
December 5, 2017

Why bother with fleet boats or the traditional fishing charter? While that option is nice and has certainly been around for ages, you generally have to abide by someone else’s schedule and requirements. When you rent your own boat, you gain freedom to control your adventure! You have only your own schedule to take into consideration.

On your next trip to the Florida Keys, consider renting a boat of your own for a day or two or three. The Florida Keys are great by land but by water, that’s where the magic happens! From world class snorkeling in the Middle Keys to sunsets offshore in Key West, the Florida Keys are a boater’s paradise.

Florida Keys Boat Rentals on Your Schedule

Florida Keys boat rentals have never been easier, and they are a great alternative to the traditional fishing charter or boat tour. You can arrange a boat rental before you even leave your house. Simply go to Boatsetter. Decide what kinds of activities you want to do, the location you’ll be in and the type of boat you want to rent. It’s really that easy.

If you want to spend the day sightseeing along the coastline, spotting marine wildlife or dining by boat, you may want to consider renting a cabin cruiser or motor yacht. Spacious decks provide room for friends and family while the cabin allows for relief from the warm rays of the Florida sun. Motor yachts offer wide open salons with living space, multiple staterooms and fully equipped kitchens for entertaining. In fact, your boat rental could become your floating hotel for a really unique vacation experience.A sail-monohull boat is the perfect choice if you’ve ever wanted to just let the wind take you where it will. Cabins, refrigerators, heads and on-board cooking make this a comfortable choice for extended and multi-day trips. Hoist the sails and sail off into the sunset on your own terms.Cruise through the Keys in style and luxury aboard a power cat or motor yacht with fly bridges and multiple decks. This bird’s eye vantage point will let you see miles of crystal clear coastline. The famous Florida Keys sunsets are made even more spectacular with this mode of transportation.

Sport yachts and performance boats will appeal to the speed demons in your group. If you dream of channeling the fast boats of “Miami Vice” fame, a 28-foot Pantera or triple engine 40-foot Intrepid is the vessel for you. Your kids might not know who Crockett and Tubbs are, but they’ll love the rush of adrenaline and sea spray.

The Florida Keys and Boats Rentals just go together

The Florida Keys have everything to offer boaters from fishing action to upscale cruising, a variety of luxurious boat types are available to rent from Boatsetter and a captain can be included so you only have to worry about what to bring….Bon Voyage!

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