Miami Boat Rental Activity Guide – Top 4 Ultimate Boating Experiences

Inside this Miami Boat Rental Activity Guide:

  • Best fishing spots and tips in the Miami area
  • Insider tips for cruising the waterways around Miami
  • Overview of the many world-class snorkeling spots in Miami
  • How to plan your sailing adventure in Miami
Setting up a Miami boat rental is one of the best ways to spend your free time in the South Florida area, whether you're a local looking for weekend fun or an out of town visitor trying to get the most of out of your vacation time. Miami, Florida, also known as the Magic City, is the epitome of sun, fun and nightlife and most of those endeavors have something to do with getting out on the Atlantic Ocean. Search for boats in Miami. Set sail with prices start as low as $50 per person! Experienced boaters and those who don't know the aft from stern can make a Miami boat rental happen with so many options to choose from. If your agenda includes fishing, cruising or a snorkeling or sailing excursion - Miami boat rentals (with or without a captain depending on your experience and preference) are the best way to take in the city.

Top Boating Activities in Miami

Fishing - If the agenda of your Miami boat rental is fishing, you’ll find many options to dip your rod in the Atlantic Ocean.  Just a quick cruise off the shore from Miami's South Beach, boaters will find some of the best saltwater fishing in the world. The waters are filled with local fish like: Sailfish, Snook, Mackerel,  Mahi Mahi, Tuna and Grouper. Experienced boaters can find privately-owned fishing boats for rent in Miami and get out on the ocean to try their luck. Novice boaters or those who prefer a little assistance can find a Miami boat rental that includes a licensed, experienced captain to help them navigate to the best fishing spots.

Fishing Tips for Miami Boat Rentals:

  • Where to Fish - just 8-12 miles offshore from Miami some impressive fish can be found.
  • Types of Fishing in Miami - kite fishing, live bait fishing, sailfish, swordfish, tarpon, Mahi Mahi.
Cruising - Miami offers some of the best sightseeing in the world and whether your boating agenda includes fine dining with the in crowd, rustic chilling over beer and oysters at one of Miami's many raw bars or "raft up" party by the sandbar...there's something for everyone. Of course, you can just cruise along the Intracoastal Waterways, watch the sunset over Miami's skyline and never even pull in to dock up. If you are out of town (traveling without your boat) or if you don’t own a boat, there are many options for a Miami boat rental including rentals that include a captain or you can captain yourself. Don’t miss these top cruising destinations while you’re out on your Miami boat rental:
  • Millionaire's Row  - for a glimpse of how the "other half" lives.
  • Biscayne Bay and the Venetian Islands - the world famous Miami Bay and the chain of artificial islands are beautiful backdrops to your boat cruise.
  • Dinner Key - to experience Miami's historic offshoot neighborhood, Coconut Grove.
  • Sandbars - for the party-goers, there's Eliot Key, Haulover and many more water-based party spots to raft up with other boaters and have some serious fun.
Snorkeling - Miami and its surrounding areas offer some of the best snorkeling on the East Coast. Many of the best places to snorkel are only accessible by boat. Your Miami boat rental will be the perfect way to get to those out-of-the-way snorkeling spots and take in the world below the water line.

Where to snorkel in Miami:

  • Spend your boat rental navigating Biscayne National Park offering the Maritime Heritage Trail where the snorkelers will view the Mandalay Shipwreck along the numerous coral reefs such as Emerald Reef and the Half Moon in the area.
  • John Pennekamp State Park - Just a short trek south of Miami, lies one to the best spots to snorkel in all of Florida. The park extends three miles out in the Atlantic ocean and offers up some of the most spectacular snorkeling around.
  • Crandon Park - Miami's Biscayne Bay offers some easy to access snorkeling are near Crandon Park. In the Bear Cut area, you'll find a perfect spot to put your goggles on and spy some of Miami's underwater creatures in their natural setting.
Sailing - Whether you're sailing around Miami's skyline in the light of day or at dusk, you're sure to find it to be an unforgettable experience. The waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Miami's famed Biscayne Bay are great places to let the wind catch your sail and Miami Boat rentals are easier to book than ever before. While you're out there you can take in the ocean air and you might even run into a manatee or school of dolphin.

Planning your Miami Boat Rental - It’s going to be a sailing adventure:

  • Biscayne Bay - a must see place to include when setting sail in Miami
  • No Name Harbor - the first harbor south of Hurricane Harbor on Key Biscayne features a view of Cape Florida Lighthouse.
  • Coconut Grove - the best way to set sail on the Bay is from Coconut Grove - home to Dinner Key Marina and the place to be for boaters: Monty's.
Renting a boat in Miami is the best way to get to those out of reach experiences that land-based visitors dream about. Of course, on shore Miami has countless ways to spend the sunny days including South Beach, Lincoln Road and Artsy Mid-town neighborhood but add a boating adventure to your plans and you're sure to get the true Miami experience. Boatsetter, the leader in the boat sharing marketplace, makes your Miami boat rental even easier (and more importantly) better than before. Boatsetter offers hundreds of pre-screened boats of all makes and models that can rented for ½ day, a full day or extended charter. Boat rentals can include a boat captain or if you are experienced you can do take the helm yourself. Be sure to adhere to all boat rental safety requirements while out on your Miami Boat Rental. The true Miami experience includes a trip out on  the water, book your boat rental in Miami and take it all in!


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