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Top Fishing Charters in Miami

Fort Lauderdale, FL


NEW 2020 Rinker QX 18 19 ft 8 people

1-8 passengers Captain Available

Fort Lauderdale, FL


2020 Rinker Q3 12 people 200 HP

1-12 passengers Captain Available

Fort Lauderdale, FL


Brand New 2020 Rinker Q3 12 people 200 HP

1-12 passengers Captain Available

Fort Lauderdale, FL


2019 Rinker Q3 12 people 200 HP

1-12 passengers Captain Available

Fort Lauderdale, FL


NEW Attention wherever you go. Speed, Comfort

1-12 passengers Captain Available

Fort Lauderdale, FL


2020 Rinker QX 18 19 ft 8 people

1-8 passengers Captain Available

Make the Most of Your Miami Boat Rental

Whether you are thinking about chartering a pontoon, a yacht, or a catamaran, the warm, clear waters of Miami will satisfy your tropical dreams and offer amazing summer memories that you will treasure.

When you choose a Miami fishing charter, enjoy the amazing weather in style while you cruise along peacefully under the Florida sun.

Fishing in Miami

We've gathered up the three most popular Miami fishing charter experiences for you and your crew to dive into.

Nixon Beach Sandbar Party

A Miami sandbar party is an experience everyone should try at least once in a lifetime. Sail over to the Nixon Beach Sandbar with all of your beach gear. At this ultimate party hotspot, you can soak in the warm waters or fish directly from your Miami fishing charter.

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Sunset Fishing in Key Biscayne

Biscayne Bay is a stretch of water more than 35-miles which makes it perfect for fishing all year long. Take a cruise from the Miami Beach barrier island into the central and southern parts of the bay and cast your lines.

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Deep-Sea Fishing from the Boat

Biscayne Bay is one of the best fishing spots in Miami, but it isn't the only one. Some of Miami's best-kept secrets are shipwrecks and coral reefs. With your Miami fishing charter, you can catch everything from mackerel to sharks.

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Best Places to Fish in Miami

Although there are so many great places worth a mention, here are three of the top places to fish in Miami.

Key Biscayne

When you are out on the clear water, you'll never run out of things to do in Key Biscayne. Apart from the fantastic fishing, you can also try water sports like wakeboarding directly from the boat.

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Miami Beach

Miami Beach is considered by locals to be the place to rule them all. No matter what season it is, you'll always be able to cruise over to the beach and get in a little afternoon fishing from your Miami fishing charter.

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Haulover Sandbar

Haulover Sandbar is a party destination where you can find locals and tourists alike enjoying some fishing in the sun. With your Miami fishing charter, you can join up with others or simply throw your own private party for you and your crew.

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How to Fish in Miami, Florida

If you have decided to charter a boat in Miami, Boatsetter offers some of the best fishing opportunities in the world. Here are three tips to get you started.


Kind of Fishing

Think about the kind of fishing you want to do so that you can select the right tackle, as well as guidebooks or maps to take you to the best fishing holes in the area.


Fishing Holes

Choose the fishing holes that will work best. The nearby Florida Keys offer plenty of places to catch bonefish, as well as inshore waters with good snook fishing.


Bait and Tackle

Be sure to get the bait and tackle you will need before you get out on the water. You can visit local bait and tackle shops, or look for other help online.

Types of Fish in Miami

When you go fishing in Miami, there is no limit to the types of fish you might catch. With saltwater and freshwater options, you can find all types of species here. These are a few of the most common.


Bonita can be found as shallow as 14 feet and as deep as 290 feet off the coast of Miami. They are the most common tuna species in the Atlantic Ocean and they can be found all the way down to the tip of southern Africa.

Blue Marlin

If you go deep-sea fishing in Miami, there is a good chance of hooking a blue marlin. Blue and White Marlin swim the tropical waters constantly searching for food. Offshore trolling is one of the best ways to find a marlin.


Wahoo are beautiful fish that can be very elusive. They have excellent eyesight, razor-sharp teeth, and are good at camouflage. Miami Wahoo average about 25-55 pounds with some smaller fish living under floating debris.

Top Types of Fishing in Miami, Florida

Miami has lots of variety which makes the area ideal for all kinds of fishing. Here are three of the options you might want to try.

Go Deep Sea Fishing on Your Boat

No matter what type of boat you are on, spend the afternoon simply lounging on the deck and tossing a few lines into the water to see what you might catch.

Try Out the Intracoastal Waterway

With plenty of fresh, brackish and marine water, the Intracoastal Waterway in the Miami area is perfect for some fishing variety. Crab and shrimp are some common species found here.

Freshwater Fishing

For more freshwater fishing options, explore the many rivers and lakes near Miami. If you are trying to catch a specific species, save some money and get only a freshwater license for these areas.

Miami, Florida Fishing Seasons

If you have decided to charter a boat in Miami, you can rest assured that the fishing is fantastic in Miami during every season.



The weather is the coldest it will be all year, but fishing is still great fun. Try some bottom fishing as you guide your boat far offshore.



February is a good month to try bottom fishing for reef fish, Greater Amberjack or Yellowtail.



Temperatures start soaring and Miami's waters soon become abundant with reef fish and bigger species like Barracuda.



The weather is good in April in Miami and the fishing can be excellent. Try fishing for some Cobia or other species like King Mackerel.



May is incredible in Miami for offshore fishing. Now is your chance to make some trophy catches like sailfish and marlin.



June can get really busy in Miami. Get out on the water, drop a few lines, and escape the crowds for the afternoon.



July is usually Miami's hottest month, with average temperatures well above 90. Fish for red snappers and tarpon from your boat.



August is still Miami's high season. Try some offshore fishing for pelagics like groupers and snappers.



Miami gets slightly cooler and there are slightly fewer people. Blackfin tuna and sailfish can often be caught a few miles from the shore.



October in Miami is a really special time. Enjoy the cooler temperatures and cruise the beautiful waters in the early mornings and evenings.



In November, there are still plenty of anglers who fish for pelagics and also keep up with their bottom fishing.



Grab a festive fish feast in December in one of the bays or by bottom fishing offshore. Temperatures may be cooler, but the fishing is still lots of fun.

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