Mini Lobster Season boat rentals – get crackin’ this July!

There’s nothing mini about the attendance for this epic Florida event every year! Mini lobster season is a two-day lobster mania that happens in Southern Florida. When is Mini Lobster season? The last consecutive Wednesday and Thursday in July is when this 2 day season falls. Exact times are from Midnight to Midnight making it one of the quickest and most popular fishing events in Southern Florida.

Mini Lobster Season - It's a Florida thing!

So if you’re not a lobster expert, but feel the pressure to get in on the fun – you will want to be aware of a few very important lobster hunting details!
  1. Reserve your fishing charter early – it’s always best to plan ahead during busy boating times. We recommend chartering a fishing boat with an experienced captain if it’s your first time fishing for lobsters.
  2. Get a license – it is required that you have a license in order to fish, plus you must obtain a $5 Lobster Permit. 
  3. Know your equipment – Some of the things you will want aboard your fishing boat for successful fishing include: a hand held net and a tickle stick! Make sure none of your equipment has potential to injury the lobster by piercing or crushing it. In addition to the equipment used to catch, you must also have a measurement tool on board to ensure your lobster is of legal size.
  4. When to fish? During the day! Night farming is not allowed during mini lobster season, which means your chartered boat can hit the waters as early as an hour before sunrise, and can stay out as late as an hour past sunset.
  5. What lobsters are legal? All lobsters must measure MORE THAN 3 inches in length from the front edge to the rear. This is why a measuring tool is required on board.
  6. Our last tip is the most important… have fun!
Whenever you charter a boat from Boatsetter you are bound to have a fun but during Florida's Mini Lobster Season, things get amped up a few notches! Chartering a boat for mini lobster season means you get the chance to design exactly how your experience will go. If it’s your first time, we recommend finding yourself an enthusiastic and experienced charter with a captain. Take the first step and search the Boatsetter fleet then let the adventure begin! 


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