Owning Versus Renting A Luxury Boat

Are you pondering the possibility of buying a luxury boat or yacht? Those polished teak decks, majestic sails and shiny hulls have a way of turning the most diehard landlubber into a boating buff in a matter of minutes. If you're a first-time luxury boat buyer or aren't sure if the boating lifestyle is right for you and your family, you might want to consider the option of peer-to-peer sharing or more simply put, renting a boat. When you share/rent a boat through Boatsetter.com, it becomes a win/win situation for all parties involved. As the renter, you get to enjoy the boating lifestyle without the hassle and responsibility of actually owning a boat. The boat owner makes a little extra income to offset expenses associated with ownership and avoids the maintenance that comes with leaving it unused. The boat itself gets the benefit of being used and doesn't just sit around in the marina or boat yard. Boats were made to move, after all. Whether boat ownership or rental is in the stars for you, take a minute to check out some of the pros and cons of boat ownership vs. boat rental. Luxury Boat Ownership Pros:
  • Enjoy the boating lifestyle whenever you please.
  • Take pride in your investment.
  • Boats are a big investment in terms of time and money – fuel, maintenance, insurance and storage and slip fees. These expenses prevail even when you are not using the boat.
Boat Rental or "Sharing" Pros:
  • By renting, you can find out if the boating lifestyle is right for you and your family.
  • Spend the day on the water, turn the boat over to its owner and never worry about it again.
  • Go boating whenever you have the time or desire to go.
  • Get valuable on-board experience and learn new skills before investing in a boat of your own.
  • Rent with the knowledge that the boat is in tip-top shape.
  • Rent a boat in a variety of destinations where it wouldn't be convenient to tow your own boat to because of distance, time and other factors – including top destinations such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale and St. Petersburg, Florida and Newport Beach, California.
  • Choose from hundreds of boat styles and models. Use this as an opportunity to steer that beautiful motor yacht you've always wanted.
  • You can't take that beautiful boat home with you. Yeah, that's about the only one we could think of.


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