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Seeing Miami Through The Eyes of A Boater

Written by Boatsetter Team
December 29, 2017

So you wanna be a boater? Whether you’re looking to reel in the big one, feel the wind in your hair, or simply relax with friends, boating is the perfect way to experience everything that Miami has to offer. The best part is it’s easier than you think. Here are some tips to help you rent a boat in Miami and navigate the seas like a pro.

Rent a boat in Miami for the real experience!

Some say less is more, but we say more is better. Dress to impress and you’re bound to turn heads on the water. Temperatures can be deceiving (yes, even in the 305!) and sunset trips can turn downright chilly if you’re not prepared. Layer on some comfy knits to ensure you stay toasty on the deck long after the sun dips below the horizon.

It might be that salty air everyone raves about, but somehow everything tastes better on the water. Of course, nobody likes a hangry sailor. So be sure to bring plenty of snacks and remember to stay hydrated. Sometimes even the best made plans can go awry, like when you cruise up to your favorite boat-up restaurant only to find the dock is at capacity. Now is a good time to bust out that cheese tray. Trust us, your friends will thank you for it.

Take it slow. We realize SLOW might not be what you had in mind when you decided to rent a boat in Miami, but taking it easy makes you look like a pro, especially when docking. As the fable goes, slow and steady wins the, err, boat race.

Don’t burn. A bad sunburn can ruin the most perfect weekend. When spending a day on the water, be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen. Lather it on even if it’s overcast out. The last thing you want is to look like the lobster you were eyeing for dinner.

One thing’s for certain, rent a boat in Miami and you’ll definitely want to jump in the water. Snorkeling is a great way to explore the depths beneath the surface. South Florida offers a variety of world-class snorkeling options for anyone willing to venture beneath the surface.

Of course, when you rent a boat in Miami you’ve got easy access to the Caribbean. There’s a reason PortMiami is home to all the major cruise lines. But with world-renowned beaches, fishing, snorkeling, diving and dining destinations, as well as museums and street art for those looking to spend some time on shore, we hope you’ll explore the waters surrounding South Florida before you set sail toward more distant shores.

Lastly, don’t overload your boat rental, place things like cell phones and wallets in a waterproof bag, carry proper safety equipment (including nighttime lights) and check the weather regularly. Using common sense and following safety regulations will ensure you and your friends make the most of your time on the water.

With Boatsetter, it’s never been easier to rent a boat in Miami. We have hundreds of boats available to help make your South Florida adventure a truly memorable one. Reserve your boat today, then get ready to discover everything that Miami has to offer!

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