Where Can I Rent a Boat Near Me?

Where Can I Rent a Boat Near Me?

Boatsetter Team
Written by Boatsetter Team
December 19, 2017

Rent a Boat With or Without a Captain

Vacations are fun but if you would like to experience something new or see things from a different perspective, then renting a boat near you is a perfect idea. On the other hand, if you have some days off and you want to stay near home, the question you might ask yourself is, “Where can I rent a boat near me?” One way or another, we have a solution, or actually plenty of solutions on how to charter a boat and have fun. There are many options for boat rentals nowadays and we can help you pick the right one for you. You can explore hundreds of locations all around the world and enjoy a variety of boating activities. Test your skipper skills or hire a captain if you want to relax and enjoy the beauty of sailing.

Hiring a Captain or Not, That is the Question

As we already mentioned, renting a boat always opens the question of whether you should hire a captain or go sailing on your own. Of course, it depends on your skills, boating license requirements, and knowledge of the area you’re about to sail to. In our opinion, it is always better to get a boat with a captain if you don’t have a boating license and let him handle everything, from charting a course to boat mechanics and maintenance. Here are the main reasons why we recommend you to hire a captain. First of all, captains are usually experienced locals who know all the best boating locations in the area you are renting the boat. Secondly, a captain knows every inch of his boat and how it behaves. Lastly, docking and undocking can be tricky if you don’t have a pro with you. So whether you are renting a boat in New York, Seattle, or at any other location in the world, having a captain is always a plus.

Boat Sharing Can be Both Useful and Fun

The peer-to-peer boat rental concept that Boatsetter services are like the Airbnb of the boating world. This concept is useful both for boat owners and boat renters. The crucial thing for boat owners in the peer-to-peer concept is that owning a boat can be profitable, not just costly. This way owners can cover the costs of owning a boat and even earn some extra money on the side and potentially expand their business, or even better, own a boat for free. On the other hand, those who are chartering a boat, or maybe considering buying one, can experience different types of vessels and explore options that these boats are offering. The peer-to-peer boating concept allows anyone to be a sailor. You don’t need to own a boat to be one. Besides diversity, this has an economic aspect. Owners can rent their boats near you, and renters can try out different boat adventures. In case they want to purchase a boat one day, they’ll easily pick the perfect boat for them right off the bat and avoid unnecessary costs of making the wrong choice.

Big Apple Boat Rentals

Whether you are visiting or you are a resident, renting a boat in New York City is a fantastic experience. This can be a tremendous opportunity to see some essential parts of the city from the water. We recommend you to hire a captain and enjoy the view of Manhattan, the Hamptons, or Long Island from a vantage point you haven’t experienced before. Step out of the concrete jungle and see there is much more to enjoy than the crowded streets and traffic jam. “Where can I rent a boat near me?” is not a question anymore because we can offer you a great choice of vessels. Choose a boat that suits you the best by its type and size, and sail into urban New York boat rental adventure.

Set Sail in Houston, Texas

Welcome to the city of Houston. You’ve probably read this in a Texas accent and that’s cool, we couldn’t help ourselves either. Do you know what’s also cool? A boat rental in Houston, Texas. This is a whole new experience you shouldn’t miss exploring. Diversity of culture is one of the most amazing things, and you can try out many different activities here and explore the area from the water. Meet Houston’s lakes and try some inshore fishing. If you like marine fishing, this will be a new, exciting experience. When the sun falls behind the horizon, you can enjoy the Houston City Lights tour on your own. When you are in Texas, stop wondering and asking yourself: “Where can I rent a boat near me?” because we have all the answers.

Explore Seattle Waterways on a Boat Rental

Take a boat tour in Seattle and enjoy the trio of grand lakes – Sammamish, Washington, and Lake Union. A boat rental in Seattle is now readily available to all boat renters. Choose a boat and make a couple of rounds around the city. Set sail with your merry crew and enjoy the sights while the fresh breeze plays with your hair. Also, a boat rental in Seattle is an excellent opportunity to check out some restaurants and bars where you can boat up while sailing in Portage Bay.

Choose the Boat You Rent Wisely

Boat renting options are numerous and we recommend you to try out as many of them as you can. Dependent on your skills, you should consider hiring a captain so you can relax during your adventure and explore new things. If you are planning to charter a boat first you should consider what you want to do, so that you can choose the right vessel for your needs. Also, you should check out in advance what kind of additional equipment and amenities the particular vessels are offering. It could be food, drinks, and even some specific gear for boating activities like snorkeling or fishing. The importance of renting an appropriate boat is to make things easy and comfortable for you in the long run. Whether you want to have a sailboat rental in Houston Texas, rent a powerboat in New York, or get a Seattle yacht charter, we assure you that you will manage to find the right one among the hundreds of locations we offer.

The World is Your Boating Oyster

It would be a pity to rent a boat in Croatia or in Greece, for example, and not to sail around their amazing islands. Or visiting Whitsundays and missing to see all the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. As we have mentioned before, we rent boats in more than six hundred locations worldwide. So anywhere you are, and you are wondering, “Where can I rent a boat near me?”, most likely, we will have a perfect solution. With Boatsetter you can visit all the coolest places like Nice and Barcelona and other Mediterranean gems and sail all the way to the Caribbean.

Have the Best Boating Time Ever, Wherever You are

Dependent on how do you want to spend your boating vacation, you should choose the right boat. For example, if you’re going diving, renting a speed boat is a perfect choice. Wherever you are traveling, if you plan to charter a boat, we recommend you read a little bit and get to know the area and what it offers. Also, the captain can show you some unique diving sites and even give you a crash course on what it takes to be a boater.

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