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Texas Gulf Coast boat rentals, come explore with us!

Written by Boatsetter Team
December 26, 2017

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Texas Gulf Coast boat rentals, the fun just got real!

If a year-round boating season sounds appealing, and you’re up for some low-key relaxation, come explore the Texas Gulf Coast. This expansive network of islands and bays stretches for more than 300 miles along the northwestern Gulf of Mexico. The region’s winding waterways and generally pleasant climate are ideal for pleasure boating and fishing. In some southern locales, you can even indulge your SCUBA diving passion. If you don’t have your own boat, or you’ve hauled or winterized your trusty craft, Texas Gulf Coast boat rentals options are seemingly endless. So press pause on your normal grind, find a dreamy boat, and let the explorations begin – Texas-style.

Soak Up South Padre Island

Begin your Texas Gulf Coast odyssey at South Padre Island, a popular destination for tourists and water sports enthusiasts. South Padre features a sub-tropical climate, with mild winter temperatures that make it an attractive refuge for winter-weary northern residents. During the summer, expect mid-80s warmth with a touch of ocean humidity.

As you might expect, this enticing getaway spot is chock full of boating activities. If you enjoy sailing, cruise the Gulf breezes for hours while you relax in the sun and nosh on refreshments. If fishing’s your passion, cast your lines in the numerous bays, coves, and flats just a short trip from your marina. Or, head offshore to give the bigger fish a run for their money. Finally, the region’s warm waters, along with colorful nearby reefs and submerged wrecks, draw SCUBA divers from around the country.

Cruise Through Corpus Christi Waters

Heading north, you’ll arrive at Corpus Christi, a boating-friendly coastal city featuring milder winters and sun-drenched summers. The region’s generally windy weather makes for fantastic sailing conditions, with relatively tame currents and waves that often provide you with a comfortable ride. If you enjoy gunk-holing for the day or weekend, Corpus Christi’s waters abound with isolated beaches and coves, many reachable only via boat.

Not surprisingly, the region’s breezy conditions aren’t ideal for fishing, although you might score some catches in the inshore coves and creeks.

Experience a Matagorda Bay Fishing Feast

Moving north, you’ll reach the legendary Matagorda Bay, where you can experience a different type of fishing every day of the week. Even better, the Bay’s wide reaches and numerous coves host diverse fish species.

Pier, wade, and fly fishing are extremely popular. At the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find boat-based bay and drift fishing, along with flats fishing that’s best enjoyed with an experienced guide.

Of course, some anglers prefer larger-scale fishing excursions, driving them offshore in pursuit of deep-sea trophy fish. Although Gulf of Mexico waters can be choppy and rough, a capable boat and an experienced captain will improve your odds of success. If you don’t currently own a rugged offshore sport-fishing boat, take the boat rentals route and book the right boat for the challenge.

Gear Up for Fun on Galveston Island

Just a short hop east of Houston, you’ll encounter popular Galveston Island, a favorite destination for both locals and visitors. The region’s humid coastal climate is tempered by the prevailing breeze and proximity to numerous watersports.

If you enjoy sailing and sunset cruising, check out Galveston Harbor and West Galveston Bay. If you were born with angling in your blood, Galveston Bay offers a tempting lineup of game fish, along with numerous other species that inhabit the Bay and its smaller coves.

Book Those Texas Gulf Coast Boat Rentals Today

If you’ve gotten a taste of Texas Gulf Coast boating, and you’d like to experience the region’s laid-back lifestyle firsthand, go ahead and take the plunge. If you’re new to boating, or don’t currently have a boat, you can still get out on the water. Just contact Boatsetter, the premier boat sharing company that makes it easy for boat owners and boaters to connect with each other.

Boatsetter makes the boat rentals process very simple. Within a few minutes, you can book a privately owned sailboat or powerboat near your homeport. For a more carefree trip, hire a licensed Coast Guard captain to run the vessel while you soak up the sun or chase those crafty fish.

You’ll find Boatsetter boats in many coastal ports and on scenic lakes throughout the United States and abroad. So pick out that your boat and invite family or friends to join you. It’s time to experience Texas Gulf Coast boat rentals today!

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