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The 5 Best Fishing Podcasts to Listen to in 2022

Written by Boatsetter Team
December 21, 2021

Last Updated on January 12, 2022 by Boatsetter Team

There used to be a time when podcast hosts could be big fish in a little pond. Now, there are podcasts covering every subject from unsolved murder mysteries to entrepreneurship to, you know it … fishing. With such a run of options, picking a new podcast to try out can feel like having to choose a lure from five different 3-tray tackle boxes.

Here are five podcasts to try out the next time you’re fishing, on your way to the water, or just plain passing the time and wishing you were fishing.

Fish Nerds Fishing Podcast

The Fish Nerds podcast is an O.G. of fishing podcasts. Host Clay Groves famously undertook a quest to catch and eat every freshwater fish species in New Hampshire (48 total!). After succeeding, he had plenty of stories and started the Fish Nerds podcasts which has since run to over 300 episodes and spawned a community of loyal fish nerds. Clay is frequently joined by guests in the world of fishing, including friends and contributors such as the Crappie Hippie, Tim Bete, and Doc Martin.

Give it a listen to learn more about fishing and fish species and to be entertained by things like fishy taste tests and unique news stories involving fish.

Want the in-person experience? You can book guided pontoon and ice fishing trips with Clay up in Conway, New Hampshire.

Listen to the Fish Nerds Podcast

Host Clay Groves of the Fish Nerds Fishing Podcast

Ike Live Fishing Show

The one to listen to if you follow the professional bass fishing circuit, Ike Live is hosted by professional bass fisherman Mike Iaconelli and a merry crew of fellow fishing nuts (in the most lovable sense of the word). As a BASS and FLW tournament champion, Mike has a personal rapport and with his fellow pro anglers who join the show. They also enthusiastically interview prominent figures who are also avid fishers, such as former pro athletes Trent Cole, Brian Robison and Bryan Bickell. Most similar to radio talk shows, this show / podcast gives you as the listener chances to participate too as the cast and guests respond to questions and comments from fans while it’s recorded live.

Lastly, one of the reasons we like Mike is The Ike Foundation and the fact that he’s always advocating to get more kids involved in fishing, especially in urban areas where opportunities to fish are sometimes overlooked.

Watch or listen to the Ike Live Fishing Show

Cast of the Ike Live Fishing Show

Anchored with April Vokey

The Anchored Podcast is an interview-format show in which fly fishing guide April Vokey dives deep with guests passionate about the outdoors. You’ll hear from entrepreneurs, authors, conservationists, photographers, outdoor executives, fishing guides, and more from all over the world.

Listening can be a fascinating way to learn more from an expert about a niche subject. Or, for those working in the outdoor industry or aspiring to someday, the show gives a realistic look into professionals’ career paths, day-to-day activities, challenges and perspectives.

Listen to Anchored with April Vokey

Anchored with April Vokey podcast

Bent by MeatEater

MeatEater started as a TV series (first on the Sportsman Channel starting in 2012 until migrating to Netflix in 2018) following Steven Rinella on hunting and sometimes fishing adventures. The brand has definitely been eating because it’s grown into one of the best-known content outlets producing a steady stream of video, audio, and written content.

Bent is MeatEater’s fishing-focused podcast hosted by Joe Cermele, the senior fishing editor for MeatEater and previously fishing editor for Field and Stream. Bent’s episodes run a little over an hour but are fast-paced and will teach you something new along the way. In addition to covering hot topics in fishing, the hosts riff through segments like the Sale Bin – a highlight of wacky classified ads related to fishing.

Listen to the Bent Podcast

Bent MeatEater Fishing Podcast

Fishing After Dark w/ The Beard & The Badge

If you’re a fan of fishing YouTubers, this is the podcast for you. Hosts LOJO (The Beard) & AYO Fishing (The Badge) are both fishing YouTubers and are often joined by a fellow YouTube creator including the likes of LunkersTV, Alex Peric, and 1rod1reel for episodes. The Beard & The Badge discuss the industry as it evolves and go more in-depth on stories and opinions than what you’ll get from most videos and social media clips within the world of fishing influencers. The fellas are funny, which makes for easy listening when you’re maintaining your focus on a line in the water.

Listen to Fishing After Dark w/ the Beard & the Badge

Fishing After Dark Podcast hosts LOJO and AYO Fishing

Enjoy listening and good luck fishing! Find and book fishing boat rentals and fishing charters on Boatsetter.

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