5 Reasons to Visit the Sailing Capital of the US: Annapolis

Written by Kristen Rogers
October 18, 2018

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While luxury yachts and speedboats might be popular, there’s something about sailing that calls to the human soul. There’s a deep connection between the snap of canvas in the wind and the spirit of adventure, and you’ll find that connection in abundance in Annapolis, the Sailing Capital of the US. Not sure you’re up for the trip? Here are five reasons to find your Annapolis Boatsetter rental and pull in at this port of call.

1. Boat Shows

Boat Show

One reason to set course for Annapolis is to enjoy the incredible number of boat shows available here. You’ll find that most of them take place during the summer months, during peak boating season, but there are shows at other times of the year, as well. Which shows are worth your time and attendance? Really, you can take your pick. The Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show is always a hit, but you might prefer the US Sailboat Show or the US Powerboat Show.

2. The Racing Enjoyment

Racing is a huge part of Annapolis’ heritage. The city has played host to portions of the Whitbread Round the World Race, as well as America’s Cup and numerous other major races. However, there are tons of smaller races to enjoy here. The Wednesday Night races are just one example. Another is the annual NOOD or National Offshore One-Design Championship. Whether you want to enjoy collegiate racing, professional racing, amateur racing, or something else, you’re bound to find it in the waters surrounding Annapolis.

3. The Vibrant Cruising Scene

Annapolis Cruising

Racing not your thing? Prefer your time on the water to be more leisure-oriented? Not a problem. You’ll find a host of cruising options in the area. If you lack a boat, take advantage of the numerous Boatsetter rentals and head out for some cruising or fishing enjoyment. If you’re looking to learn the art of boating, Annapolis is the place to take on a sailing class or two. Or, if you own your own watercraft, simply claim your spot in the harbor and spend some time enjoying the boating community here.

4. More Than Ocean to Explore

Severn River

One thing that draws a lot of people to Annapolis is the fact that the city is set so far away from the ocean. You’ll find plenty of other areas to explore, including estuaries, creeks, riverways, and a ton of other options. Whether you’re looking for different fishing options, or just want to get away from the crowded harbor, there’s something for you.

5. The National Sailing Hall of Fame and Museum

Annapolis City Dock

Finally, while you’re in Annapolis, make sure to visit the National Sailing Hall of Fame and Museum in the city. Not only will you find special exhibits and programs, but also special events and even classes on offer.

These are just a few of the reasons that you should set course for Annapolis, the Sailing Capital of the US. We can think of plenty of others, ranging from the chance to meet living legends like Gary Jobson to exploring the city’s rich history.

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