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Understanding Why Your Boat May Be Waitlisted

Written by Boatsetter Team
August 16, 2023

Receiving news that your boat has been waitlisted can be disheartening, especially when you’ve crafted the best boat profile. Fret not— being waitlisted does not necessarily mean that your boat is disqualified from achieving an active status on Boatsetter

Instead, being waitlisted means your listing is temporarily on-hold until certain marketplace conditions are met! In this blog post, we will explore the unmet criterias that may lead to your boat listing being waitlisted and how this can be an opportunity for growth and success.

  1. Competition is fierce 
  2. Specific criteria & fit 
  3. Limited capacity or resources 
  4. Timing & availability 
  5. Areas for improvement 
  6. Perseverance is key 

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1. Competition is fierce

In many cases, being waitlisted simply means that the current number of available boats in your area is optimal given the level of demand for a particular type of boat. Rather than saturating the market with the same boat type, we will prioritize enhancing the demand for your type of boat. 

Once we’re able to successfully equilibrate the marketplace, your boat is taken off of the waitlist!  You see, we want to ensure that your boat rental will hit the ground running with booking requests, and not cannibalize opportunities for other owners. 

We strive to provide a consistent stream of renter to you. The best way to do this is to ensure there is a balance between supply and demand.

2. Specific criteria & fit

Sometimes, your boat listing gets waitlisted due specific criteria or legal requirements expected in a particular location. This does not imply that your boat isn’t of value, but rather that other submissions might better fit the desired parameters or requirements to be immediately successful in your area.  

3. Limited capacity or resources

In certain scenarios, waitlisting occurs due to constraints beyond your control. Organizations or programs might have limited capacity or resources, and as a result, some qualified candidates might be placed on the waitlist until additional resources become available. 

boat insurance

Insurance review is one example of why a boat may be temporarily waitlisted; when the queue for boats needing Peer-2-Peer insurance becomes too great, new boat submissions may need to be throttled to ensure the Underwriting Team can catch up with outstanding boats that need the proper documentation to be federally compliant.  

4. Logistics: timing & availability

Timing can play a significant role in whether a boat is accepted or waitlisted. If a particular region receives a surge in boat listings or if there are other ongoing projects, you might be waitlisted due to logistical reasons.

5. Areas for improvement

boat improvements

Feedback is invaluable. That’s why we make sure to tell you why and what you can do when it comes to your waitlisted boat. Our feedback will highlight areas for improvement (and provide insights into how to jump ahead on the waitlist). 

Here’s a pro tip to take wherever you go: Always strive to embrace feedback as a learning opportunity to refine your efforts and increase your chances of success in the future.

6. Perseverance is key

Being waitlisted doesn’t mean “no.” In fact, it can be a chance to showcase your resilience and commitment. There’s always a chance for an opening for waitlisted boat owners so stay positive, stay connected, and soon enough you’ll be a part of the top boat rental community.

Neighborly advice 

Although being waitlisted can be a bummer, it’s best to stay positive. To recap, being waitlisted is not a “no,” instead it is an opportunity for growth and self-improvement.  Competition, unmet local criteria, logistics, and any of the mentioned above are all factors that can lead to being waitlisted. 

Use this experience as motivation to persevere, refine your listing, and learn about local rules and regulations to put you ahead of other boat owners in your area! And soon enough you’ll be a Boatsetter owner. 

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