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Find and rent the perfect fishing boat in Daytona Beach. Captain optional

Top Fishing Charters in Daytona Beach

Port Orange, FL


22' Center Console for an Epic Fishing Adventure!

1-6 passengers Captain Included

Port Orange, FL


4 Hour– Inshore/Nearshore Saltwater Fishing Charters 8-12 or 1-5 $395

1-6 passengers Captain Included

Oak Hill, FL


Go Fishing w Capt. Tony on 18' Skiff.

1-3 passengers Captain Included

Ponce Inlet, FL


Fishing or touring 6 guests touring 5 guests fishi

1-6 passengers Captain Included

Port Orange, FL


22' Bennington Tritoon for charter in Port Orange!

1-12 passengers Captain Included

Port Orange, FL


Thursday Night Shark Charter 5-9pm Inshore/Nearshore $100 per person.

1-6 passengers Captain Included

Take a Fishing Charter in Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is an iconic Florida destination where you can fish all year long. Once you get out on the water on your Daytona Beach fishing charter, watch the huge NASA rockets launch from Cape Canaveral. Just like in many other parts of Florida, keep an eye out for all the wild manatees, dolphins, sea turtles, and other wildlife in the water.

After cruising along the shoreline on your Daytona Beach fishing charter, drop anchor in town and try out some of the delicious local seafood.

Fishing in Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach has so many bodies of water that can be fruitful places to fish. Here are three of the best ones.

The Atlantic Ocean

If you are looking forward to some of the best ocean fishing in Florida, you won't be disappointed here. Seek out sport fish like cobia, kingfish, sailfish, and tarpon. You can expect to encounter all of these and more on your Daytona Beach fishing charter.

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Daytona Beach Pier

Keep in mind that the Daytona Beach Pier can be a very good place to fish. Cast your line around the pier to catch redfish, tarpon, sharks, and many other kinds of local favorites.

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Ponce Inlet Jetty

The Ponce Inlet Jetty is part of Lighthouse Point Park, a 52-acre preserve in Ponce Inlet. In addition to the good fishing here, you can explore some of the nature trails, spot birds of prey and climb a tall observation tower.

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Best Places to Fish in Daytona Beach

A Daytona Beach fishing charter gives you the opportunity to enjoy all of the best parts of the ocean but also to explore some of the lakes and rivers in the area.

Halifax River

Sail your Daytona Beach fishing charter slightly north from Daytona Beach into Ormond Beach, and you can enjoy great fishing in the Halifax River.

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Sunglow Fishing Pier

Sunglow Fishing Pier in Daytona Beach Shores is another good place to set up your rod. The pier is well-maintained and it can be a great spot for night fishing. There are many amenities like benches, cleaning stations, bait shacks, and fishing rod holders.

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Tomoka State Park

Tomoka State Park is a good place for bird and wildlife viewing, as well as boating, kayaking, and fishing. There is a small museum, playground, a Native American statue, and refreshment stands.

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How to Fish in Daytona Beach, Florida

Here are a few ways to get started on your Daytona Beach fishing charter.


Special Licenses

Explore the many rivers and other waters on your Daytona Beach fishing charter. If you are trying to catch a specific species, make sure you get the right kind of license so that you don’t need to worry about catching any fish illegally.


Prepare for Fly Fishing

If you plan to take a fly fishing charter in the saltwater flats of Mosquito Lagoon for redfish, seatrout, or black drum, always come well prepared with polarized sunglasses and a big can of bug spray.


Get the Gear

Think about the type of fishing gear that you will need for your trip on your Daytona Beach fishing charter. Make sure you check first whether your boat comes with fishing gear included or not, since all of our fishing boats come with different amenities.

Types of Fish in Daytona Beach

These are a few of the fish you can catch on your fishing trip to Daytona Beach.


This general term describes a number of different species like spotted sunfish, bluegill, redbreast sunfish, sunfish, or warmouth. These fish can be good targets for many young anglers who are using worms, popping bugs, and spinnerbaits.


This is the generic name for several deepwater bottom-dwellers that are important to both recreational and commercial fishermen. Red grouper and gag grouper are most popular with anglers. During the cooler months, they can be caught in shallow water by trolling artificial lures.


Red snapper is pink to red in color, and its pointed anal fin distinguishes it from other types of snapper. Red snapper is considered one of the best fish to eat out of all of the species found in the waters around Daytona Beach.

Top Types of Fishing in Daytona Beach, Florida

Here are some different kinds of fishing you can do when you charter a fishing boat in Daytona Beach.

Pier Fishing

You can spend some time at the Daytona Beach Pier, a very accessible fishing spot. Cast straight from your boat or off the pier itself. The fishing is usually quite good here and you can also ask some of the locals for their special insider fishing tips.

Reef Fishing

Daytona Beach offers plenty of opportunities for reef fishing. There is an artificial reef off the coast, which you can visit on your Daytona Beach fishing charter. Here you’ll see plenty of tropical fish and interesting aquatic plants underneath the water.

Fishing from the Beach

It is really easy to fish from the beach here. Simply drop anchor from your Daytona Beach fishing charter and stroll the long, white beach. Cast your line into the shallow water and wait for something to bite.

Daytona Beach, Florida Fishing Seasons

The subtropical climate of central Florida is best enjoyed in the spring before temperatures get too hot and before the rainy season.



Fish don’t digest food as quickly in the cold, so they don't need to eat as often. But you can still get some decent fishing done during the Florida winter.



Drop anchor from your Daytona Beach fishing charter into some of the deeper areas. Lots of fish swim deeper in the colder months so that they can find warmer water.



The temperatures on land and sea slowly start rising in March and more fish can be found in the Daytona Beach area.



The waters start warming up, so lots of fish start eating more, which is great news for anglers.



The weather in Daytona Beach starts getting predictable, with clear mornings and possible afternoon rains.



Summer days in Daytona Beach are perfect for fishing. The warm sunny days are cooled by ocean breezes and the water is bright blue and clear.



Every fish species is voraciously feeding and ready to take your bait in the warm July water.



High temperatures, both in and out of the water, are the norm in August. Get out on the water early, before daybreak.



Many fish can still be found offshore because the water temperatures have not yet cooled down enough for them to need shallower waters.



October is the best month to sail your Daytona Beach fishing charter and simply enjoy the Florida weather.



The fall patterns are starting up and temperatures start cooling a little more.



Temperatures are cooler in the mornings and evenings, but late afternoon trips are still pleasant at this time of year.

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