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54' Chasin Finz Fishing charter in Hollywood, FL!

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Explore the waters on a Florida fishing charter

When you choose a Florida fishing charter, you can enjoy the water in style while you explore all of the fantastic fishing opportunities. If you love the water and hot weather, there is no state that is better for you than Florida. With a long and gorgeous coastline, plenty of lakes, dozens of navigable rivers, and fascinating swampland areas, there is something for all kinds of boaters in Florida. Take a look at some of the best places to go and some of the fish you can expect to catch along the way.

Fishing in Florida

Here are three of the most popular Florida fishing experiences to try.

Fishing in Florida's St. Johns River

If you are into fishing, this river is full of bass, catfish and crappie, among other species.
If you sail north, we recommend reserving your boat in Vero Beach and making your way up the coast. If you sail south, we recommend securing your fishing charter in Jacksonville.

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Daytona Beach fishing charter

You can have easy access to so many amazing events on the water if you decide to charter a boat in Daytona Beach. A Daytona Beach fishing charter gives you the chance to enjoy fishing in the ocean as well as further inland.

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Fish the reefs in the Keys

The Reef Crawl Florida Keys is a four-day event that usually takes place during late August. Guide your Florida fishing charter to Key Largo and make your way down the coast to Islamorada on a mission to fish all of the bountiful reefs, wrecks, mangroves and other ecosystems of the Upper Florida Keys.

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Best places to fish in Florida

These are three of the best places to fish in Florida.

St. Johns River

Fish the St. John River from your Florida fishing charter for several types of sport fish. You will find rainbow trout, brown trout, bass, and sturgeon living in the river.

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Daytona Beach

The Daytona Beach area boasts some of the best fishing in the world. When you surf fish in Daytona Beach from your Florida fishing charter, you might hook a whiting, pompano, flounder, bluefish, or drum.

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Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are so long and the fishing varies from location to location. But you can be sure to hook lots of fish all the way from Key Largo to Key West from your Florida fishing charter.

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How to fish in Florida

Because there are so many different bodies of water in Florida, the fishing conditions can vary greatly. Here are three tips to get you started.


Type of fishing

Think about the type of fishing you want to do. This will help you get the correct tackle, as well as maps or a guide to lead you to the best fishing holes.


Fishing location

Choose the location you want to fish. For example, the Florida panhandle gulf coast is better for catching cobia, redfish, Spanish and king mackerel, and pompano, while the Florida Keys offer nearby inshore waters with good snook fishing.


Bait and tackle

Once you have considered the type of fishing you plan on doing, get the bait and tackle you will need. You can get more information from local bait and tackle shops, or look for other help online.

Types of fish in Florida

With all the different bodies of water in Florida come a wide variety of fish species. Here are just three of the types of fish you will be most likely to catch.


The best time to catch amberjack is November through April and also during the months of June and July.


A barracuda is a large, predatory ray-finned fish with a fearsome appearance. Just be aware that they are reported to be declining in Florida, and there might be catch limits imposed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.


Cobia are large, long fish with a dark stripe running along the sides of the body. They can be found in Florida's open waters from spring through autumn.

Top types of fishing in Florida

Florida has so many different types of environment which make the area ideal for many styles of fishing. Here are three of the styles you might want to try.

Deep-sea fishing from the boat

Whether you are on a catamaran, a center console, or a pontoon, nothing beats lounging on the deck and tossing a few lines into the water to see what might be down in the ocean depths below.

Fishing the Intracoastal Waterway

With mile after mile of fresh, brackish and marine water, the Intracoastal Waterway in Florida can be a real angler's paradise. Try for some flounder or seabass, as well as crab and shrimp.

Freshwater or saltwater

For more options, explore the many rivers and lakes in addition to the ocean. If you are angling for a specific species, save some money and get either the freshwater or saltwater license and throw back any species the permit does not cover.

Florida fishing seasons

If you have decided to charter a boat in Florida, there really is no bad time to go. Take a look at the conditions you might expect from month to month.



The weather is really cold in the rest of the country, but Florida is usually very mild. There is good bottom fishing for Snappers offshore or you can try for species like Redfish or Trout.



The water is still a little cold in February and bottom fishing for reef fish and Amberjack is the way to go.



Temperatures start climbing and Florida's abundant fish come out of hibernation. Reef fish come closer to shore and fish like Cobia start to make an appearance.



April in Florida is one of the most pleasant months. The weather is great and the fishing can be spectacular. Cobia fishing is especially excellent during this month.



May is the best month to start offshore fishing in Florida. You can get some trophy catches of Groupers and other pelagic fish.



June is when Florida starts getting the busiest. School’s out, the weather is hot, and the fishing is very good. Book early for outings, because most Florida attractions fill up quickly.



July is the hottest month, with average temperatures peaking above 90. Demand for boats is high, Red Snappers are everywhere, and Tarpon are biting.



Florida's tourist season continues in August, with offshore fishing for pelagics still great and plenty of Groupers and Snappers still in season.



September is when the weather is cooler and the crowds are smaller. Trolling and surface fishing are popular during this month, with Blackfin Tuna and Sailfish just a few miles from shore.



Inshore fishing is just as good in October in Florida. Join a bunch of other anglers and enjoy the quieter fishing holes!



Fishing in Florida is still amazing in November. It is still possible to troll for most pelagics, as well as do some bay and bottom fishing.



Temperatures can sometimes drop into the fifties in Florida in December, but that still isn't bad compared to the rest of the country. Get out on the boat and do some fishing!

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