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Reef snorkeling and Sandbar Tour

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Florida Keys Backcountry Fishing Charter!

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Summerland Key, FL


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Marathon, FL


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Explore Marathon on a Fishing Charter

If you love warm water and hot weather, then you will love the village of Marathon. With the ocean surrounding the village, as well as plenty of other fishing areas, there is a suitable body of water for all kinds of anglers in Marathon.

When you book a Marathon fishing charter, summer days will see you fishing for almost any game fish there is. Snook, tarpon, and bonefish love the warm waters around the flats, but a quick boat ride into the Atlantic can give you the chance to hook a blue marlin.

Fishing in Marathon

Here are the three most popular Marathon fishing experiences for you to try.

Sport Fishing

If you are into fishing, you'll be interested to know that Marathon is sometimes known as the sportfishing capital of the world. If you do any fishing in the Marathon area, you have a good chance of pulling in some real trophy fish.

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Marathon West Hump

Offshore, troll for pelagics like wahoo, sailfish, and dolphin fish. The Marathon West Hump rises from depths of 1,000 feet to a peak of 485 feet, an underwater platform for game fish like blue and white marlin and blackfin tuna.

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Fish the Reefs in the Keys

The Reef Crawl Marathon is a four-day event that usually takes place during late August. Sail your Marathon fishing charter down the coast to Islamorada to fish all of the reefs, wrecks, mangroves and other ecosystems.

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Best Places to Fish in Marathon

These are three of the best bridges to fish in Marathon.

Seven Mile Bridge

Clear and calm water makes this area a dependable destination for anglers of all experience levels. Anglers continually marvel at the spectacular leaps, strong swimming, and impressive endurance of tarpon, the "silver king" of the sea.

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Long Key Bridge

Long Key Bridge is another amazing place to fish for tarpon from your Marathon fishing charter.

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Bahia Honda

Marathon has a long coastline and the type of fishing varies from location to location. But you can be sure to hook all kinds of fish from your Marathon fishing charter in the Bahia Honda area.

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How to Fish in Marathon

Here are three ways to get started fishing in Marathon.


Time of Day

Make sure to beat the heat and start early in the morning. You will have the best chance of catching fish like tarpon and snook before the temperatures start rising.


Fishing Area

Choose which area you would like to fish. For example, there are many reefs a couple of miles from the shore, where you can hook snapper, grouper, king mackerel, and lots of sharks.


Bait and Tackle

Bring the type of bait and tackle you will need on your Marathon fishing charter. You can find more information at the local bait and tackle shops on the beach, or speak to the locals in the village.

Types of Fish in Marathon

There is a wide variety of fish species in Marathon. Here are three of the most common types.

Mahi Mahi

Mahi mahi or dorado are quite often found in Marathon. There are quite a few indicators that suggest whether you can catch them in a particular area. Some of the indicators include birds flying overhead, seaweed, current rips, and a few others.


You can try fishing for the elusive amberjack in the Florida Keys especially during the hot summer months.

Black Drum

The black drum is a silvery-gray, bottom-dwelling fish that swims around the waters of the Florida Keys from spring through autumn. It is one of the largest fish that you can find close to shore.

Top Types of Fishing in Marathon

Here are three styles of fishing to try while you are in Marathon.

Sight Fishing

If you like sight fishing, you will love fishing out of Marathon. Keep an eye on the horizon, since storms can develop quickly and ruin your trip. You can catch dorado wahoo, tuna, and snapper on just a single outing.

Reef Fishing

Check out the fisheries near the offshore reefs. Some five miles from dry land you will reach the edge of the reefs, where you can find a large variety of fish. Work these patches early in the morning and you can hope to pull in a lot of fish.

Wreck Fishing

There are also plenty of wrecks around the Marathon area. You will have the best chances of catching yellowtail, mangrove, and mutton snapper if you go wreck fishing. It can get very hot in the day, so many anglers recommend fishing during the night or early in the morning.

Marathon Fishing Seasons

Here are some of the fishing conditions you might expect in Marathon from month to month.



Although the weather is cold in the rest of the country, Marathon stays mild, which makes for good fishing conditions.



There is good bottom fishing for snapper, reef fish, and amberjack in February.



Temperatures start climbing and you can start seeing the reef fish become more abundant especially about 5 to 15 miles north of Marathon.



The weather in April is great and the fishing can be spectacular. Fish the natural ledges and artificial reefs of old lobster traps, drums and other wreckage throughout the bay.



May can be one of the best months for offshore fishing for pelagic fish in Marathon.



Book early for fishing outings, because Marathon can get really hot during the summer days.



Tarpon is a very popular fish to catch in the warm July waters.



The tourist season continues in August, but the offshore fishing for pelagics is still good and there are plenty of snapper still in season.



Trolling and surface fishing are popular and there are often schools of blackfin tuna just a few miles from shore.



Inshore fishing is one of the most recommended activities that you can do in Marathon in October.



Troll for pelagics during November in Marathon, and try out some bay and bottom fishing.



Enjoy your Marathon fishing charter in December, because you can still catch all kinds of spectacular fish.

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