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Fantastic Panama City Fishing Charters

Panama City is a waterfront town and resort in northwest Florida. There are miles and miles of white-sand beaches on the clear and calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. St. Andrews State Park, one of the two protected nature preserves nearby, is bordered by the Gulf and has several hiking trails and fishing piers.

Pier Park is the main shopping hub and a venue for some of the town's major events. Sail your Panama City fishing charter out to sea and see what you can catch.

Fishing in Panama City

Panama City can be a good place to try out some fishing. Here are three great places to fish in Panama City.

Pier Park

Pier Park is a launching and shopping area with plenty of bars and restaurants. Relax and have a satisfying meal before setting sail on your Panama City fishing charter from Pier Park.

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St. Andrews State Park

This beach park boasts nearly two miles of beautiful beaches for fishing and swimming. St. Andrews also offers short hikes through pines and dunes, as well as camping facilities in the campground or primitive group area.

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Gulf Fishing

Gulf fishing can be fun from your Panama City fishing charter, from one of the beaches, or from one of the piers. Just think about the type of fishing you’d like to do, and Panama City can help you make it happen.

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Best Places to Fish in Panama City

Pier fishing is very popular in Panama City. Sail your Panama City fishing charter to all of these piers and fish around them.

M.B. Miller Pier

Also known as the County Pier, this concrete pier was built to resist hurricane damage and it is the longest fishing pier on the Gulf of Mexico, stretching some 1,500 feet into the excellent fishing grounds.

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Russell-Fields Pier

While you are in the area, sail your Panama City fishing charter to the identical Russell-Fields Pier, which is also known to locals as the City Pier.

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Pier Fishing

St. Andrews State Park offers two fishing piers: Tiller Pier on the Gulf Side, and another pier that gives fishermen access to the protected waters of the Grand Lagoon. Fishing or walking on these piers is free, although there is a nominal charge if you would like to enter the state park.

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How to Fish in Panama City, Florida

Here are some valuable tips to get you started on your Panama City fishing charter.


Special Licenses

You can explore the many rivers and lakes in the area as well as the ocean. If you are trying to catch a specific species, save some money and get either a freshwater or saltwater license and "catch and release" any species the license does not cover.


Fishing Style

Think about the type of fishing you are going to be doing. If you are mostly fishing around the piers, the kind of bait and tackle that you need will depend on the types of fish that will be in those areas.


Fishing Areas

Choose the fishing areas that will be the most convenient for the type of fishing you'll be doing. Do the research into where you'd like to go on your Panama City fishing charter. Then, simply enjoy the amazing weather and start pulling in some fish.

Types of Fish in Panama City

When you take a fishing trip to Panama City, there are so many spectacular species of fish you can catch.


If you drift any type of live bait into a current, you have a good chance of hooking a big tarpon. You might decide to use shrimp, crabs, mullet, or other types of bait to catch these fish, depending on the time of year.


These are long fish with a dark stripe along the sides of the body. They can often be found swimming in the currents and shallow waters of Panama City for the entire duration of the year.


These are impressive fish that adapt to a wide range of habitats. They are usually copper above and silver below, with a large black spot at the base of the upper tailfin and along the lower back above the lateral line.

Top Types of Fishing in Panama City, Florida

When you charter a fishing boat in Panama City, here are some different kinds of fishing you can do.

Pier Fishing

The stages of the ocean tides can make a lot of difference in terms of the best time to fish around the piers. Most of the time, it is best to fish around the piers two hours before high tide and two hours after high tide.

Coastal Fishing

It is really easy to drop anchor from your Panama City fishing charter near the shore. Get off the boat and simply wade through the shallow waters near the coastline while you cast your line.

Lagoon Fishing

When you fish the protected waters of the Grand Lagoon, you'll never know what kinds of fish you might find on the end of your line.

Panama City, Florida Fishing Seasons

Fishing in Panama City can be a real joy during every season of the year.



Fish the Grand Lagoon from your Panama City fishing charter to catch fish like grouper, bonito, trout, flounder, blackfin tuna, and sheepshead.



Drop anchor from your Panama City fishing charter near the shore and fish especially for king mackerel, flounder, pompano hardtail, and cobia.



The water temperatures rise in March and Panama City’s waters start filling up with redfish and cobia.



The further you go into the ocean, the more varieties you'll find. Swordfish, tuna, and sharks may grab your line in the deep waters.



May is another good month for offshore fishing and pulling in trophy catches like blue marlin.



The shallow waters in the bay around Shell Island are great for fishing. You can rent a pontoon and take your gear to where the fish are biting.



July is a great month to fish for red snappers and tarpon from your Panama City fishing charter.



There are lots of pelagic fish like groupers and snappers off the coast of Panama City in August.



The weather in Panama City is slightly cooler, but lots of pelagic fish can be found a few miles from the shore.



October is one of the best times to sail your Panama City fishing charter and do some trolling behind the boat.



For a fabulous fishing vacation, fall is a great time of year. The summer crowds are gone and the coast is open for fishing.



Temperatures get cold during the mornings and evenings, but midday fishing trips can still be taken during December.

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