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Anguilla is a British Overseas Territory, and since English is the main spoken language there, it sounds like a great choice for a vacation. Not to mention the temperatures here range from 70° to 80°F on average and a beautiful greenery fills the landscape. Anguilla is also known for its unique azure water and fascinating flora and fauna, making it a perfect tropical paradise. All that combined with the island’s laid back atmosphere, its rocky shores and small, pearl white beaches, leaves you no choice but to enjoy yourself to the fullest with a Anguilla boat rental from Boatsetter



Visit Little Bay

A white sandy beach in a protected cove, high cliffs dominating the view and, yet, somehow still a pure, beautiful wonder of nature, untainted by people – that’s Little Bay. Since it’s accessible only by boat, you’ll have to rent a boat in Anguilla first, but, in return, it will open much more possibilities for fun than most of the other beaches. If you’re chasing adrenaline, you can jump from cliffs into the clear water below. If you’re interested more in what’s under the water, then you can snorkel and explore the marine life of this marvelous little beach. And, of course, once you get tired you can just lay your towel on the ground and relax after docking your Anguilla boat rental one of the nearby sandbars.

Dock up at Sandy Ground

Whenever you want some company, you can just dock up near Sandy Ground and explore the place where the fun is. You can start off with the SandBar, a place with great food and drinks, and an even better view over harbor and sea. And after? From Elvis’ Beach Bar, to the The Pumphouse, you can eat, drink, listen to music or just simply socialize at these great locations. Oh, and don't forget to stop and see the abandoned shipwreck! Sandy ground is the place of fun and festive parties that last until early morning lights, or even longer.

Go to Sandy Island

If you’d like to enjoy the serenity of the open sea on the ground, no problem. Sandy Island is an isle made of sand within a convenient distance from Anguilla and all you need to get there is to get a boat rental in Anguilla. It’s close enough so that you know you are not the new Robinson Crusoe, but far enough away that you can even feel a tad bit removed from the tourists when looking at the sea. But, if you want to mix up that feeling of serenity, there’s a nice restaurant where you can eat and take your mind off everyday worries without the usual beach-visiting crowd. You can also rent the chairs for sunbathing, just go swimming, or anything in-between.

Snorkel in the Shoal Bay East

Shoal Bay East is one of those spots that just perfectly balances accessibility and the diversity that people are looking for. You can just cruise near it, anchor your Anguilla boat rental far enough from a reef so you don’t damage it, and yet be able to get there quickly! This is the reef with the most diversity. Instead of chasing a million different species on other coral reefs, just dive near Shoal Bay East and you’ll see a wide array of marine life that call Anguilla home. Perhaps, you might even see a dolphin!

Hiking and Horseback Riding

Check out the many food carts, live music venues, and picturesque side streets where goats and other domesticated animals roam freely. Anguilla is consistently rated the safest island in the Caribbean, so there’s no need to fear taking a nice long hike all around the island--make sure to try the Katouche Trail and visit an Iguana Cave. If you are interested in being treated like a star, there are many star-rated restaurants, spa services, resorts, and world-famous golfing. You can also take a horseback ride on the beach, or even charter a helicopter to get the best view of the island available.

Anguilla Local Dining

Food trucks and small restaurants dot the island all over, serving everything from fried chicken to lobster. No exploration of Anguilla dining is complete without experiencing The Dune Preserve. Owned by reggae star Bankie Banx, the eatery is known for live music, a laid-back vibe, and its open-air atmosphere that sprawls across the beach. The food includes classic Caribbean fare like fish cakes, paired with homemade rums and more. One classic experience of Anguilla dining is the food truck, and if you stick around for long, you’ll probably come across Hungry’s. This food truck is known for serving quesadillas, filled with lobster, smoked salmon, shrimp, and other local meats. You can also try stewed goat, shrimp creole, stewed conch, and a Caribbean classic: pea soup with pig tail.

Dog Island

On the other hand, if you like birds you can pay a visit to Dog Island. If you’re up for a change of scenery, renting a boat in Anguilla and cruising to Dog Island might be a good choice. But don’t be fooled by its name. The island is mostly inhabited by birds, lizards and goats. More so, it was identified as an Important Bird Area by “BirdLife International,” due to its large numbers of nesting seabirds. Not only that, it is also a home to a large number of different species, making it a place perfect for birdwatching.

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