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Arlie Beach, Australia

Welcome to the fabulous “Down Under” where you can visit one of its many gems, the secluded Arlie Beach. Situated on the Great Barrier Reef, which is known for being one of seven world wonders, this beautiful destination is the perfect escape for anyone looking to get out of the city. Located next to Whitsundays, a collection of 74 beautiful tropical islands, the Arlie region is one of the most mesmerizing regions on the planet and is filled with reefs, rainforest, beaches, and islands. If you are a fan of the underwater world, this is a chance to have the experience of a lifetime. And if you like seeing beautiful beaches, there’s little you can see when you rent a boat in Arlie Beach.



Cruise out to Whitehaven

Whitehaven Beach, a beach of more than 4-miles long, is located on Whitsunday Island, the biggest of the 74 islands of Whitsunday group. Hopping aboard your Arlie beach boat rental is the perfect way to visit Whitehaven Beach. Cruising the beach you will spot Hill Inlet and see why is this one of the favorite places for photographers. Make this a perfect lazy day on your vacation, lay back, and enjoy this natural melting pot of beach beauty. Whitehaven Beach has silky sand that glows under the tropical sunshine. All you have to do is to put on some sunscreen and take it easy.

Explore the Reef

Have you packed your gear and you are looking for some spectacular diving? Bait Reef is a perfect choice. Have a chance to meet the amazing marine world with manta rays and sea turtles and rent a boat in Arlie Beach. Bait Reef is the most popular diving spot on the Great Barrier Reef. Being home to abundant coral gardens with underwater canyons, Bait Reef is hiding spectacular marine life. If you are visiting Arlie between May and October, you may have the luck to see whales swim by or hear them singing under water.

Enjoy Shades of Blue

If you’re looking for a perfect boat picnic trip, Langford Island is an ideal place to sail around. The view of the sand line stretched from a small island will make your day, and if you are creative, you can make an epic story plot here. Be sure to make a reservation and rent a sailboat in Arlie in time for this trip since the reef has limited space for anchoring due to its structure. Other than astonishing views and sunbathing, Langford Island is perfect if you want to jump from the deck and take a swim in these waters that represent all the blues of the world.

Wave to Priscilla

Blue Pearl Bay is protected from strong southerly winds with a beautiful view of mountainous filled with pine trees and boulders. The bay is pure heaven for snorkelers, so if you’re into snorkeling, don’t hesitate and rent a boat in Airlie Beach. Near the shoreline are prominent coral outcrops full with incredible fishes. In the bay, you will probably spot Priscilla, a giant beautiful Maori Wrasse that often greets snorkelers and shows them the path they should follow. Besides snorkeling, just laying on the boat and getting your tan can be relaxing enough to satisfy your aquatic needs.

Enjoy Discoveries

Staying in the Arlie Beach area offers a lot of options for the entire crew. Being a vast area full of unspoken beauty, you shouldn't miss it! Whether you like diving, snorkeling, or just getting a little sunshine from your boat rental, there’s plenty of undiscovered areas just waiting to be found. Filled with amazing views and underwater beauty, this Australian paradise is the gift that never stops giving. So when you get tired of good old lying on a resort beach with a cocktail in your hand, try something new and trade your beach chair for a boat deck. An unforgettable boating adventure is waiting just for you.

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