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Corsica, France

In the middle of the south of France and west Italy, in waters of the Mediterranean stands the famous island of Corsica. This island will amaze you with the beauty of its numerous beaches, mountains, and small villages. All of this combined with a fantastic Mediterranean climate makes Corsica a perfect destination for your next vacation. Visiting Corsica gives you options for many different activities like swimming, snorkeling, windsurfing, scuba diving, sightseeing, and sunbathing. With so much to do, there are few better ways to explore Corsica and the best things this island has to offer than with a Corsica boat rental.



Welcome to the Capital

Welcome to the capital of Corsica, the birthplace of the famous Napoleon Bonaparte. Ajaccio is a busy city situated on the Gulf of Ajaccio, with a fabulous panoramic view from the sea. With a boat rental in Corsica, you can see the full beauty of the capital from the water. This city also has a rich historical heritage, so you can drop the anchor and get a view of the Place de Gaulle, a grand square with a statue of Napoleon on horseback. You’ll also be able to see Maison Bonaparte, the house where he was born. Ajaccio also has a beautiful cathedral in the city's old town and the view from the sea is stunning.

Meet the Town of Jazz, Seals, and Dolphins

With its snow-capped mountains in the back, sunny marina and long, amazing beaches, the Bay of Calvi is something you shouldn't miss on your trip to Corsica. Rent a boat in Corsica and meet the town of the summertime jazz festival. Sailing Calvi is also a unique chance to enjoy lovely beaches and the view of the ancient citadel, a stunning fortification filled with Baroque architecture. Calvi is also an excellent place for windsurfing, waterskiing, jet skiing, and paragliding. Continue sailing to the beautiful Scandola Nature Reserve where you can explore the most exquisite parts of Corsica's coastline. In Scandola, you can spot a wide range of sea birds like cormorants and also colonies of seals and dolphins.

Dive in the Bonifacio

If you want to enjoy something that resembles an epic movie set, rent a sailboat in Corsica and meet Bonifacio. Bonifacio is a medieval fortified town on a steep limestone cliff. The town is in the most significant natural reserve in Corsica, the Réserve Naturelle des Bouches de Bonifacio. In this area, you can see fantastic limestone cliffs, seaside caves, and numerous beautiful beaches. Less than an hour of a boat ride from Bonifacio will take you to the port of Santa Teresa di Gallura in North Sardinia where you can see stunning beaches and go diving if you like.

Don’t miss seeing Bastia

Your trip wouldn’t be complete without renting a speed boat in Corsica and visiting Bastia. From the boat, you can enjoy the view of the old town, the citadel, and the old harbor. Dock up and see the historical heritage of the north-east part of the island. From the sea, you can see many 18th-century tall buildings with shuttered windows along with gardens and old houses in Terra Nova. Once you’re done, you can visit the old harbor where you shouldn’t miss exploring the amazing Quai des Martyrs de la Liberation.

Explore the Depths of Corsica

The Bouches de Bonifacio Nature Reserve is a protected marine environment. Rent a speed boat in Corsica, and take a tour from the tip of southern Corsica by the French Riviera and Italian coastline. This trip is a chance to see many rare, protected species of birds and fish. Here you should to take a break and go snorkeling and scuba diving. This is truly a scuba diver’s paradise with a magical underwater world inside.

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