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Crete, Greece

Crete, the largest island in Greece, is immersed in history, natural beauty, and exquisite cuisine. It will seduce you with its captivating landscapes, world-famous beaches like Balos Lagoon and Falasarna, welcoming people, and some of the best Mediterranean food you can dream of! It’s a paradise for thrill-seekers, especially if you like canyoning and scuba diving. With an abundance of natural beauty as well as historical places one should visit, you may think Crete is all about what is on the land, but rent a boat in Crete and you will discover a whole new world, carried by the gentle waves of Aegean Sea.



Variety of Fishes to Catch, All Year Long

Whether you are fishing near the harbor, underwater fishing or offshore fishing, you have it all in Crete. You can catch different types of fish, like small red scorpionfish, flathead mullet, tuna, pearly razorfish, and amberjack. The most suitable bait, as locals agree, is shrimp or a bait made from dough and cheese. Keep in mind that a special license is needed, but it’s easy to get by with the right captain guiding your boat rental. We also encourage you to visit the villages of Loutro and Sissi, as these are fishing villages, full of experienced anglers, charm and a great relaxing attitude.

The Birthplace of Natural Beauty

In Greek mythology, some argue that Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and beauty first came from the ocean to the island of Crete and made it her realm. And looking at it, who can say that Crete isn’t breathtaking. Whether it’s an adventure or a vacation, the decision is up to you and you have plenty of opportunities for on-water experiences abound! Crete is truly a historical paradise wrapped in natural beauty, so it’s a perfect place to rent a boat and take your time to recharge from a busy lifestyle. So dive in and discover all this ancient wonder has to offer!

Golden Beaches of Crete

The heavenly saltwater Balos lagoons in Chania are one of the most featured places in various travel guides and for a good reason. Their beauty is amazing. Another popular place is Falasarna, known for white sands and emerald waters. You can spend the day enjoying the beach near the ruins of an ancient harbor and when you return to your boat, you can enjoy some fine food and magical sunsets. Fragokastello beach is also worth your time, as the majestic castle sits atop the beach, where the stretch of coast is renowned for clean emerald waters, perfect if you want to have some privacy.

Dock Up and Enjoy Historical Scenery

If you are more of a history fan, rent a boat in Crete and visit Spinalonga Island, a tiny island in the northeast. Here, you can see some of the Venetian influence on Crete. In the northwest, Chania is one of the biggest island cities where you can dock-up in Port of Souda. From here, you can visit the Venetian harbor, the old lighthouse and the Agora Marketplace where you can pick up some freshly picked figs. You can also dock at one of Rethymno’s ports and explore the charming old town.

Surrounded by scuba diving destinations

The clear blue waters of Crete are like a siren song for divers worldwide. The entire shoreline is simply dotted with suitable places to drop anchor and dive in. Chania has fantastic volcanic reefs, black corals, and marine life that is especially unique. This entire island is a good place where you can observe an abundance of marine life. Often dolphins and whales make an appearance here as well. Snorkeling is also very rewarding, be it in organized tours or enjoying a good spot where you anchor your boat, but for master divers, night diving brings surreal environments to a whole new level.

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