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Galveston, TX

Home to Galveston Bay and various lakes, there are numerous events that should be on your to-do list. Charter a boat and do some dolphin and whale watching in the beautiful Galveston Island State Park. If that’s not enough, jump on a fishing boat to catch the elusive cobia just be sure to watch out for its razor sharp dorsal fin. After an eventful day enjoying the local sights, you may want to head to Pleasure Pier for top-notch food and drink




Galveston’s welcoming island vibe makes it the perfect destination for fun in the sun, and even more fun in the water with Galveston boat rentals! With a past imbued in legends of French pirates and Spanish conquerors, present-day Galveston is known as much for its impressive 32-mile stretch of beach as it is for its wild tales. As one of the largest ports in the United States, boating enthusiasts and beach lovers alike flock to Galveston to experience its rich history and seemingly limitless watersport options.

Events and Galveston Mardi Gras

Galveston boat rentals allow you to parasail through the harbor, explore the waterways aboard a kayak, experience a stunning sunset tour, or opt for a powerboat adventure, a pontoon rental, or a deep-sea fishing charter. The options are endless! With moderate temperatures year-round, there are always plenty of activities and events on the beach, including Galveston’s Mardi Gras, as well as music concerts, art walks, plays, and more. Galveston is the perfect place to unwind and set sail. Check out a full calendar of upcoming events.

Parasailing and Kayaking

Parasailing: zip through the harbor as you’re launched up to 500 feet in the air. The adrenaline rush makes this experience unforgettable, and the ocean views from up high are magnificent. Kayaking: Galveston Island State Park is an ecological jewel, featuring excellent fishing spots as well as hiking and kayaking trails. Paddle across the calm waters through a variety of marked trails, ranging from 2.6 to 4.8 miles, and witness pelicans as they spread their wings and glide across the wetlands. Learn about the park’s extensive restoration efforts, or plan a camping stay and enjoy the hiking paths along the dunes.

Speed Boats

Hop aboard a thrilling speed boat and enjoy the accelerated speeds, exciting turns, and spinning maneuvers of this adrenaline-filled ride. You can be sure you are in safe hands, as speed boat operators are licensed master captains who have extensive hands-on experience and in-depth training. Rides are usually under 30 minutes and can safely accommodate most passengers. Generally, young children and women who are expecting should not ride.


Eco-tours and sunset cruises provide plenty of opportunity to see native birds and marine life, or witness a magnificent sunset as you unwind from a fun-filled day. Enjoy the fresh air and natural beauty of the bay’s waters on a luxury pontoon boat or a classic sailboat. You might even catch a close-up view of dolphins swimming playfully as the sun sets. Be sure to ask your cruise director if snacks and drinks are provided, or if you can bring your own. Many tours allow guests to bring beverages (such as champagne, beer, or wine) along for the ride.

Galveston Railroad Museum

Make sure to check out the Moody Gardens, with pyramids that rise toward the western sky as well as various aquariums and a rainforest, and the Moody Mansion Museum, which was home to the powerful Moody family and is now open for tours. The Galveston Island Railroad Museum, which tells the story of the railroad’s role in the early development of Galveston, is also a fun attraction for everyone.

For children and boat lovers

Children of all ages will love Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Waterpark, the only heated indoor water park in Texas, and The Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier, which extends 1,130 feet over the Gulf of Mexico and features 16 rides, various restaurants, shops, games, concessions, music, and much more. Boat lovers won’t want to miss the historic ships that remain preserved in place, including the USS Stewart, the USS Cavalla, and the 1877 tall ship Elissa, a national historic landmark housed at the Texas Seaport Museum.

Galveston Bay Redfish

Galveston has arguably the best saltwater fishing in Texas. The city’s beaches, jetties, piers, bays, reefs, and flats provide anglers with easy access to a wide variety of game species, such as flounder, cobia, and sharks to name a few. Your chances of catching a redfish here are incredibly awesome. The city’s new piers are probably one of your best places to start.

Seawall Walk

The Galveston seawall was built after the Galveston hurricane in 1900 for protection from future hurricanes. You can jog, walk, or bicycle in the area. It is a good spot to bring the family. It runs for 10 miles and is across from various shops and restaurants. While walking the seawall, you could check out the history of the hurricane, there are many statues and national landmark signs to read while learning about the importance of this Galveston saint watching over the island.

East Bay Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding is definitely the fastest growing watersport in the world today. Easy to learn and accessible to people of all ages. It is a super fun and low-impact activity that can be done on any body of water. The beautiful waters of Texas are perfect for paddleboarding given how calm and smooth they are on a daily basis. There are several different ways to board; go solo for one on one coaching, take a blissful class, or bring your own group for a fun shared experience. If you are not a beginner, then you can rent a board and set off on your own excursion.

Pleasure Pier

No matter what you are craving, Pleasure Pier has food choices for the whole family. Take your pick of everything from world-famous shrimp to more traditional choices like burgers, pizza, and sweet treats. There is the Bubba Gump Shrimp, they bring all the entertainment and delicious food you’ve come to expect from a world famous restaurant, complete with shrimp and crabs just the way you like it.

Jamaica Bay

You can come and relax away from the everyday hustle of life. Feel free to bring your boat and stay in one of the numerous vacation rentals on the beach. Cruising through the canals is an experience you don’t want to miss. You can also fish straight off the dock. There is a wide variety of fish that swim through the canals. Some of the rentals have cleaning stations on the dock that allow you to clean your catch a few feet from where you are fishing.