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Basking in the sun on the Seven Mile Beach

Drop anchor near Seven Mile Beach and discover one of the most famous beaches in the Caribbean. Stretching along the Grand Cayman’s western coast, there’s a perfect stretch of sand where you can find crystal clear water, palm trees lining the shore, and many places to snorkel among coral reefs and exotic marine life. This is a public beach, and you can walk the whole 7 miles if you want to. Grab dinner on the boat after a fantastic day at the beach and enjoy a spectacular sunset.

Follow the coral at the end of Big Tunnel

For fans of scuba diving, we recommend renting a boat on Grand Cayman and visiting Big Tunnels. This spot is located only a few minutes from Seven Mile Beach, so it could be the next stop on your itinerary. It consists of narrow canyons which lead to the Big Tunnel with wonderful ropey sponges and black coral. This will be an unforgettable swim through the stunning coral reef structure. Here, you can also dive through the shipwrecks. Only 60-feet below the surface lies one of Cayman’s newest, yet most impressive dives, The Kittiwake. It has five decks and endless rooms to explore, and its located in Marine Park nearby.

Sail to Stingray City and give the rays a kiss

Whether you are traveling with your friends or family, you should really experience renting a sailboat at Grand Cayman and visiting Stingray City. The water is so bright and blue that it will make you feel relaxed in no time! Here, stingrays gather together hoping to get a quick meal. The rays are fun, and you will enjoy spending time swimming with them and making awesome photos.

Meet the Capital of Caymans

With approximately 20,000 inhabitants, George Town is the largest settlement in the area and the capital. Rent a boat at Grand Caymans and sail along the west coast to fully explore the capital and its surroundings. Dock up here and enjoy a small, historic downtown and its many attractions. Visit restaurants with delicious, fresh seafood and go shopping if you like craft markets. Here you will find local products and crafts collector's items which will make great souvenirs.

Sleep on a boat, lulled by the waves

If you don’t want to waste time just lying on a hotel beach, then a Grand Cayman boat rental is the perfect solution. Find your favorite hidden beach, go scuba diving, or hang out with amazing, friendly stingrays. Rent a speedboat at Grand Cayman where you can sail around, drop anchor wherever you want to, and fully enjoy this paradise location. Spend the starry nights napping on the boat, go snorkeling, pet the stingrays and dive through shipwrecks. If you are looking for yachts to rent, you can find ones with jet skis, paddle boats, and canoes on board.

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