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Ibiza, Spain

With the best parties in the world, combined with the fantastic sea and nature, Ibiza is the very definition of a wild time. Every summer, the place is filled with young and young-at-heart party lovers from all around the world who come to celebrate techno music along with the area’s rich history and culture. This little island in the Balearics has around 130 miles of coastline so you can enjoy everything from tiny coves, broad beaches of soft sand, or little seaside towns which can be a perfect getaway from the wild nightlife. With an Ibiza boat rental, you can sail around the coast and escape the crowds or throw a party on the water for the entire crew!



Put on Your Boat Captain Hat

Now that you’ve got your Ibiza boat rental, it’s time to put on your sunglasses, pick up your beach gear, and make the most of this unforgettable vacation. You can throw your summer boat parties and enjoy the Mediterranean at its fullest. From the boat, you can enjoy the fantastic clear view of the sea with a cocktail in-hand while you jam out to your favorite music. Since boat parties in Ibiza have steadily become a traditional holiday in recent years, you can dance the night away and have fun in one of the most private areas on the island.

Explore the Island’s Wonders

Ibiza isn't all about parties unless you want it to be. Rent a speedboat in Ibiza and meet more than just the commercial part of it. Take your adventure beneath the waves, and dive into the crystal clear waters while discovering all type of hidden caves. Sailing around Ibiza's rocky coast, you will have a chance to see many beautiful hidden beaches, or even jump from the deck and swim along some of them. With a private boat rental, you can rest assured that Ibiza will feel like your own private island for you and the ones that are lucky enough to join you.

Meet Formentera

If you want to discover something superb in this area, we recommend you to rent a sailboat in Ibiza and explore the crystal waters of Formentera. Here you can jump in for some snorkeling or diving and meet a fantastic kaleidoscope of marine life rich with flora and fauna. When you get back on board, you can rest and enjoy the breathtaking view of cliff tops with many old lighthouses and ancient caves. You’ll also want to be sure to bring along some good sunscreen and enjoy getting a deep golden tan while sailing along this beautiful coastline.

Sail by Ibiza Town at Night

After a long day on the water, you can sail by Ibiza Town and get a view of the beautiful city at night. You can dock up at the marina here which is home to many world-famous nightclubs and DJs. If you see a cherry logo from the boat, you can rest assured it’s Pacha, Ibiza’s most famous nightclub. From the boat, you can listen to some of the best live music in the world and even enjoy the bounty for your own fully-stocked bar that is waiting just for you.

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