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Lake Como, Italy

Welcome to Lombardy, where the Alps meet the magical Lake Como. Around the lake, there are many villages and villas, which make the view from the lake absolutely stunning. Whether you are looking to relax or go on an adventure, visiting Lake Como is a perfect choice for any adventurer. This place seems mysterious and dreamy with its beautiful Victorian gardens beside the lake. During summer seasons, Lake Como's towns are flooded with people. Here you can enjoy lakeside swimming pools and if you need a more active vacation, this getaway is also perfect for water-skiing, sailing, and windsurfing. All you have to do is rent a boat at Lake Como and have the time of your life!



Meet the Sleepy Village Varenna

You shouldn't miss renting a boat at Lake Como and visiting Varenna, a sleepy fishing village that’s the perfect place to start exploring Lake Como. Here you can dock up in the beautiful harbor filled with kayaks and charming restaurants where you can try amazing domestic cuisine like salted dried sardines and prosciutto and parmesan produced in local farms. Piazza San Giorgio is the town's main square where you can see amazing medieval architecture. Looking towards Belaggio from your boat rental, you can enjoy everything from the endless sea to sunsets with your entire crew.

Visit Bellagio, the Pearl of Lake Como

Bellagio the most famous town in Lake Como. This charming town attracts many visitors year-round and there’s no surprise why! Some would say that Bellagio is the pearl of Lake Como. Other than renting a speed boat at Lake Como and making a trip to Bellagio, we recommend you to drop the anchor and stretch your legs on the boat. One of the best parts about having a boat rental in Lake Como is you can visit Bellagio’s gardens of Villa Melzi and enjoy its incredible view of the lake. After that, you can get back to the boat and enjoy the view from the lake cruising by the villas of Serbelloni and Marescalchi.

Enjoy Menaggio’s Unique Charm

Another great place in Lake Como that you can visit by a boat is the town of Menaggio. With your Lake Como boat rental, you can explore this picturesque town with its long history. Enjoy the view of the town gathered around Piazza Garibaldi close to Menaggio harbor. Muted toned 19th-century buildings made in Alpes style give this place a unique charm. Menaggio also has a lovely promenade stretching between flower beds and colorful houses. Sail between nature, art, and literature enjoying the majestic villas and their stunning gardens, whose trees throw their shade on the lake.

A Movieset View

On the western side of Lake Como lies a stunning coastal stretch of the village called Lenno. The village is surrounded by glorious vegetation and calm waters. If you need to get away from the crowds, you can take your Lake Como boat rental and make a trip over to Lenno. From the lake, you can spot one of the most exceptional villas, Villa del Balbianello. Balbianello gardens became famous when they hosted the setting of one of the most memorable movies ever, Star Wars Episode II. If you sail a little more to the south along the Gulf of Venere, you will reach a small pebbly beach where you can swim in the fresh lake water.

Explore the View of the Old Fortress

One of the most popular tourist attractions of Lake Como is Tremezzo. Just in front of Bellagio stands this astonishing town. Tremezzo is something you can’t miss, so you’ll want to be sure to cruise right on over with your Lake Como boat rental. From the boat, you can admire the remains of the old medieval fortresses with a beautiful old tower and amazing hills at its back. You can also enjoy the view of the villas and hotels built more than 200 years ago that made this place famous for visitors all around the world.

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