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What is more exciting than boating season starting after a long winter? NOTHING. Boating in Long Island is so exciting because it really is a fever. When the weather changes and residents and visitors can enjoy the water there is a certain vibe in the air that is unique only to Long Island. From beaches that are recognized around the world to fine dining and local fun spots, Long Island in the summer is the place to be and Long Island yacht charters are the thing to do. It has something to offer every type of traveler, boater, and vacationer.



Hemlock Cove

Hemlock Cove is a favorite low-key place to relax on your Long Island yacht charters. It is located on the south boat channel opposite of Gilgo State Park. Don’t forget your pup as well as lunch and beverages. Since Hemlock Cove is just a hangout spot on the water, there are no facilities so pack what you need for an afternoon in the sun.


Sure, you’ve seen a few dozen firework shows before, but have you ever seen one from the privacy of your own boat dock? We can tell you from experience that it makes the show much more enjoyable. During season firework shows are scheduled often. Check local calendars for scheduling and make it a point to take your rental for a midnight run. A boat firework show can be a romantic evening for two or a fun family affair.

Pirates Cove

You may hear the locals shouting, “We’re going to the cove.” Other familiar names for this popular watering hole are Mt. Misery and Port Jefferson. We don’t care what you call it because it is a cool place to be in the Long Island summer heat. Pirates Cove is located on the east side of the Jefferson Harbor and surrounded by sand dunes. In the summer you’ll find boats linked up here sometimes four or five at a time with everyone happy to be enjoying the calm waters and the sandy shore.

Waterfront Dining

Now a low-key eatery, Old Mill Inn, was once a drop-off location for booze in the prohibition. It is free to dock up at the restaurant. For something a little classier try Island Mermaid on Fire Island. There is a $20/hr. fee to dock but this is as good a place as any to get a local craft beer on the water’s edge. Island Mermaid highly recommends reservations, so plan this dining experience ahead of time.

Long Island Sound

The Long Island Sound is an estuary – a meeting point for the freshwater of the rivers and the salt water of the ocean. The Sound is good for fishing (bluefish, bass, fluke, weakfish) and is popular for bird watching, boaters, swimmers and commercial shellfishers. Visit the Town of Smithtown for swimming or Cedar Beach for nature trails.

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