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Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

Mallorca is the largest island in the Balearic archipelago and a true Mediterranean gem in Spain’s Balearic Sea. With temperatures averaging 70°F, it’s an island of eternal summer, adorned with sandy beaches, mesmerizing coastline, and breathtaking serenity of azure water. While the majority of locals and tourists are milling around its capital, Palma, you, on the other hand, can rent a boat in Mallorca and explore the entire shoreline. The beauty of Mallorca lies in the fact that you can get pampered with the perfect boat rental on the water while immersing yourself in the divine nature.



Caló des Moro

Located just a short drive from Santanyi, Caló des Moro is one of those secluded beaches in Mallorca that you won’t find on the first pages of travel brochures. It is situated between steep cliffs and offers amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea. The crystal clear waters make it ideal for swimming and snorkeling with family and friends. Find a cheap yacht rental in Mallorca and set sail to this amazing beach.


Lined with palm trees, Formentor is an amazing narrow beach that offers spectacular views of the Bay of Pollensa. It’s a popular destination for travelers with boat rentals and historical celebrities like Winston Churchill and Audrey Hepburn used to come here. This is a blue-flag beach, which means that there is no shortage of amenities and the water is crystal clear.

Cala Agulla

Surrounded by mountains and pine trees, Cala Agulla is located about 80 km from Palma de Mallorca. Expect to find sparklingly clean waters and plenty of opportunity for different marine sports and swimming. There are pedestrian paths to the nearby Cala Mesquida, as well as a cool snack bar and a pay-to-park area. If you are on a sailing vacation in Mallorca, Cala Agulla is easily accessible by boat.

Calo Des Marmols

Easily accessible by a boat rental, Calo Des Marmols is a hidden beach on the eastern coastline of the island. It offers amazing landscape and stunning views of the surrounding area. Travelers who are hoping to find a beach where they will get some peace and quiet will be happy to hear that Calo Des Marmols is not crowded with tourists. The waters here are crystal clear, which makes this beach an ideal destination for snorkeling.

Explore and snorkel in Mallorca’s secret coves

The best way to explore the underwater treasures is by renting a speedboat in Mallorca. That way, you can sail to the remote snorkeling locations and truly revel in the beauty while escaping the crowds. Mallorca is filled with coves perfect for snorkeling, and they are all easily accessible by a boat. One of the hidden snorkeling gems is the eastern cove Cala Varques with its uncorrupted shallows. If you want to avoid the crowds, Cala Morlanda on the south is another great destination. Mostly surrounded by cliffs and small fishing village on top, this is the perfect spot of untouched nature where you can observe marine life.


Well-known for its rocky surroundings, S’illot is a popular beach in Mallorca that attracts hundreds of tourists daily during the summer season. It’s an ideal place for families with children, as there are many facilities including showers, changing rooms, and toilets. Make the most out of your trip and check out the archeological findings on the Talayotic community which are located just a short walk from the beach.

Nikki Beach Club

Easily accessible by a bareboat charter, Nikki Beach Club boasts a large pool area with oversized sun-loungers and cabanas. There is a lounge area for private parties, as well as dozens of dining tables on the deck. They also have an award-winning restaurant where you can try Mediterranean specialties. Some of the other amenities at the Nikki Beach Club include the branded lifestyle boutique, cabana bar, and DJ performances throughout the day.

Palma de Mallorca sightseeing from the boat

Palma is a mesmerizing city with plenty of things to do, but before you dock, we suggest you take it all in from the sea. This bay is very panoramic, and you can see the landmarks in all their glory and experience them from a new perspective. Start your journey from the old city and sail past the medieval shipyards while basking in the sun, feeling the light breeze on your face. San Carlos fortress is right ahead. You will also see one of the oldest lighthouses in the Mediterranean, the Porto Pi lighthouse. The next landmark you will see from your boat is the Royal Palace of La Almudaina glistening in the distance.

Sail to the Es Trenc salt flats

The Es Trenc is one of the last large natural beaches and is something you should definitely put on your itinerary. It’s remote enough to be overcrowded, but it’s possible in the hype of the season. It’s accessible by car, but parking is expensive. The best option is to use a boat rental service in Mallorca and anchor the boat near the shallows. You will definitely find a perfect spot for sunbathing somewhere along the 6 mile-long beach made of salt flats. Make sure to bring your own snacks and drinks, and open a cold one on the boat, enjoying the golden sunsets.

Private fishing trips and dolphin watching

There are 4 types of dolphins you can spot cruising around Mallorca – the bottlenose dolphin, Risso’s, common dolphin and white-sided. Dolphins love boats and will be more than happy to trail after you. You can even jump in the water and swim with them. Go on a fishing trip, catch your own lunch (or prepare one before, just in case), pick a spot between Mallorca and Menorca and wait for the dolphins. Unlike crowded dolphin watching tours (where there’s no guarantee that you will actually spot a dolphin), you can go on a private cruise with your Mallorca sailboat rental and play with them all by yourself.

Cala Deià

In case you’re more looking for a beach with pebbles instead of sand, head out to the lovely Cala Deià. Thanks to the crystal clear waters, some of the main water activities on this beach are swimming and snorkeling. You will find a couple of cute restaurants here including C'as Patró and Can Lluc that serve delicious seafood specialties, cold beers, and Majorcan wine.

Dock up and visit the capitol

You can berth your boat in the center of Palma, in the Port de Mallorca Marina. From there, you can visit the old town, the landmarks you observed from the water, Palma Aquarium, and many more sights. Stroll the streets, shop for souvenirs and then restore your strength by tasting the local cuisine. On the menu, you will find Sobrasada sausages, a vegetable dish Tumbet, sweets like ensamaida (sweetened croissant-like bun) and coca (sponge cakes), and fish delights like Caldereta, snails, fish soups and more. Palma is also a shopping paradise, filled with concept stores, shopping streets like La Rambla, tapas bars and designer shops. When you grow tired, go back to your boat, sail out and sleep peacefully, lulled by the waves and sea breeze. Nothing beats the starry skies of Mallorca!

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