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Marbella, Spain

In the place where Andalusia meets the Mediterranean Sea, in glorious Costa del Sol, stands the beautiful town of Marbella. It is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Spain and a favorite among celebrities and the wealthy. If you are looking for an elegant place with beautiful architecture, superb gastronomy, and amazing beaches, Marbella is the place for you. The town has over 16 miles of glorious coastline divided into 24 lovely sandy beaches, so you can rent a boat in Marbella and start exploring them all!



Cruise Around the Marbella Shoreline

Marbella is a beautiful town, and the best way to see it in its full charm is to rent a sailing boat in Marbella and enjoy the panoramic view of the sea. Here you will be able to see the stunning Old Town with its picturesque culture. South of the Old Town, towards the beach and you can see a wide pedestrianized avenue and admire the fantastic sculptures. You can also see a beautiful beach with a promenade that is stretching along the beach called Paseo Maritimo. Cruising along Paseo Maritimo, you can continue sailing to Puerto Banus and even further towards San Pedro. Fortunately, you can enjoy Marbella all year round due to the warm climate it boats.

Private Dolphin Watching

Make your vacation in Marbella special by renting a boat and enjoying the adventure with your family or friends. Enjoy breathtaking views of some of the most exclusive residences on the beachfront by cruising along the coast of Marbella. By going deeper into the sea, you could have a private dolphin watching tour without the crowds. You can even swim with them! Or, if you prefer, relax in the sun and have a taste of the Andalusian beauty. While cruising, you can also enjoy the beauty of the Sierra Blanca mountains.

Dive in and Enjoy the Marine Life

For diving fans, we recommend renting a speed boat in Marbella. Just 5 minutes away by boat from Marbella Port you will find The Tower, a famous landmark that’s the last remaining crane tower in the area. This artificial reef, made of three wrecks and other parts, steel structures, and crane arms is truly a sight to behold. Here, you can meet the Mediterranean marine and see exotic aquatic species such as blennies, octopus, cuttlefish, and lobsters. You can also see the statue of the "Queen of the Seas", the Virgen del Carmen. The other fantastic diving site you should visit is El Pimpollo since it's only a few nautical miles south of Marbella's famous Golden Mile. Inside the Puerto Banus is a large horseshoe-shaped reef with small caves at the North. Here you will find plenty of incredible species of marine life.

Visit Gibraltar and Wave to Africa

If you are in Marbella, you shouldn’t miss taking a boat trip to Gibraltar. With your Marbella boat rental, you can visit the place where the Old Continent meets Africa. The Bay of Gibraltar is the permanent home of three different species of dolphins. You should pay a visit to the “Rock” and enjoy pure happiness while you watch these incredible creatures in their natural environment. After that, you can dock up and explore the British territory. Take a walk along Main Street, the most famous street in Gibraltar where you can enjoy shopping.

Explore the Landmarks and Golden Beaches

Visiting Marbella isn't complete without seeing the Andalusian gem, Malaga. Rent a boat in Marbella and find the soul of Costa del Sol. Cruise to Malaga, the city of unique energy that helped Picasso shape himself and become a legend. You can visit Malaga's astonishing cultural heritage, the Roman amphitheater, a Moorish fortress, and the polychromatic Pompidou Centre and enjoy tapas washed down with sweet local wine before you get back on board and continue cruising along Malaga’s most popular beaches Playa de la Malagueta, Playa de Pedregalejo, and Playa el Palo.

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