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Nassau, Bahamas

Have you ever imagined how the capital of paradise would look like? Deciding to choose Nassau in the Bahamas for your next vacation will give you the answer. Nassau’s powdery white beaches, turquoise waters, and fresh seafood picked from the ocean are the promise of an unforgettable vacation. Formerly known as Charles Town, the city of Nassau, with its beautiful harbor, is located on New Providence island with a touch of both old worlds and colonial architecture. Fantastic nature and tropical climate are the most precious natural gifts of this area, and we can assure you that the best way to see it in its fullest is to rent a boat in Nassau.



Stingray City Park

Stingray City Park is just a short boat ride from Nassau. Swimming with stingrays is a marvelous adventure for the whole family. Children will definitely love it. Stingrays are absolutely safe to swim with as long as you don’t decide to attack them. An instructor provides tips on how to behave in the water. Take stunning pictures while snorkeling with the stingrays.

Swimming with pigs at Exuma Islands

A vacation in Nassau it not complete if you don’t treat yourself with a boat trip to Exuma Islands. The Exumas are an archipelago of nearly 400 cays and islands where nature outnumbers people. Coastlines are flawless with sapphire blue water, making this one of the most precious gems for collectors of dream destinations. If you like authentic adventures, then this island of swimming pigs is the perfect place for you. In the heart of paradise, this island’s only inhabitants are these cute, swimming pigs. Start your Nassau adventure today!

Meet the amazing surroundings

There are many amazing small islands surrounding Nassau. So you can rent a speedboat and visit Spanish Wells and Harbour Island. If you like white, soft, powdery sand, you will immediately fall in love with Spanish Wells Beach. And its shallow water is perfect if you are traveling with children. After this, you will have a chance to meet the former capital of the Bahamas, Harbor Island. Harbour Island was declared the best island in the Caribbean in 2015. Come and see the unusual tropical plants and magical pink sand beaches and you will find out why this place deserves that reward.

Paradise Island

Nassau Paradise Island is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of many different activities, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and fishing. If you rent a boat, you can explore the island by water or you can dock and proceed to explore the land scenery of the island. You can snorkel the ruins of Atlantis or have a tasty cocktail at the pool. Paradise Island is located just a little north of Nassau. It was built specifically to accommodate all the wishes and desires of tourists, who love water activities.

Dock up at Nassau and admire the beauty

With a Nassau boat rental you can see the mixture of the Caribbean and colonial style that created the unique experience of the city of Nassau. Meet this old-world jewel, and revel in the city's colorful colonial buildings, old forts, grand hotels, and of course, stunning beaches. Docking up in Nassau is a chance to visit many fascinating museums and unique shops. Just a little outside of the city coast, you will have the opportunity to see Paradise Island and Blue Lagoon Island. Take a Nassau boat trip around these two islands and see a perfect combination of Caribbean nature and urban resorts.

Pretender’s Wreck

New Providence is a large island with a rich history. It offers tremendous opportunities for divers, who want to see something more than colorful fish and beautiful reefs. Shipwrecks are a great chance to explore something new under the water. A 45-foot tugboat hull is located at the western side of ‘shark alley’. You won’t just become a real underwater explorer, you’ll get a chance to swim with grey Caribbean reef sharks and stingrays.

Exuma Cays: Dive into the wonders of the blue

If lying on a beach is not your type of vacation, and you are a bit more adventurous, then renting a boat in Nassau is the perfect activity for you. Have fun enjoying the Caribbean breeze on a boat or take a step further and dive in. Nassau is excellent if you love scuba diving and snorkeling. We recommend you go diving at the Exuma Cays which are a stunning combination of shallow reefs and colorful walls. These cays are 35 miles southeast of Nassau. This is a chance to experience the most amazing blue holes in the world where you can enjoy first-class diving in Nassau.

Sail to Stuart Cove

Have a sailing experience that will take you to the best coral reefs where you can see Nassau’s extraordinary sea life. Sail to Stuart Cove where you can swim with reef sharks in crystal clear waters. Don’t worry, they mostly prey on small fish, but it’s best to rent a boat with a seasoned captain who can guide you with his experience. While you are there, you can also take a tour of the world-famous underwater movie sets and see why is it so inspiring to the filmmakers. Whether you are a fan of scuba diving or snorkeling, you will definitely enjoy yourself.