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Sardinia, Italy

Welcome to the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, where the island of Sardinia will greet you. Sardinia, known for being mountainous with its high peaks and delicate nature has been home to some of the oldest towns in Italy. Sardinia has exotic woods, with even millenary trees, desert areas, and swamps inhabited by deer, wild horses, and rare birds. But the real ruler of this region is the sea with its coves, coast, and beaches. Beaches of Sardinia are truly spectacular and often secluded and the only way for you to reach them is with a Sardinia boat rental. You don’t have to be a millionaire and own a yacht to enjoy the beauty of this island, just rent a boat in Sardinia and go on an adventure through this Sicilian paradise.



Make Your Own Postcard

Now you have the perfect opportunity to get the breathtaking photo of Golfo Di Orosei. Sailing to the central east coast of Sardinia is an opportunity to see some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Waters here are glass-clear, profoundly blue and green while the beaches vary textures from smooth and sandy to steep and pebbly. Known by locals for its vast caverns that extend deep into the rocks, the wonders of Golfo Di Orosei sea bed and its dive sites are just waiting to be explored.

Enjoy the Turquoise Bliss

In the warm Mediterranean waters, northeast of Sardinia is the coastal area of Costa Smeralda with its beautiful surroundings. Located between the villages of Baja Sardinia and Porto Rotondo, this place has many miles of perfect bays, coves, and white sandy beaches. The transparent green and turquoise waters are giving this place a unique charm. Beaches of Costa Smeralda are among the best beaches in Europe and the best way to see them is by renting a boat in Sardinia. These beaches are just perfect if you like swimming and snorkeling, perhaps even the best the Mediterranean has to offer.

The Breathtaking Coastal Views

At the northeastern part of the island, suspended between Sardinia and Corsica, is the marvelous archipelago, La Maddalena. This beautiful region consists of seven main islands and numerous small islets. La Maddalena has around 30 miles of breathtaking coastal views, so don’t hesitate to use your Sardinia boat rental to explore the area. This particular archipelago is a quiet place of turquoise lagoons, deserted islands, and the most lovely beaches you can imagine. Here you can discover turquoise lagoons of Porto Della Madonna and numerous secluded strands of sand only accessible by a boat.

A Village With a Unique Charm

Sant'Antioco is a village of colored houses where you can see the influence of both Carthaginian and Roman cultures. With your boat rental from Sardinia, you can see the beauty of the village’s natural surroundings. Sail by the high and jagged coasts with dark cliffs on the south and more sandy beaches to the north. Portixeddu is the beach surrounded by light rocks, dwarf palms, and Mediterranean plants. It is a pebbly beach with thermal waters springing from the sea bed and all of this makes this a perfect place to chill out on a boat. Sailing near Sant'Antioco, you will find the cliffs of Is Praneddas, a terrace 650-feet above the sea.

Visit the City

If you are looking for history and art, seashores and parks, and comfort and excellent cuisine all in one place then you should rent a boat in Sardinia and visit Cagliari. The first thing that will amaze you as you sail closer to the city is the Marina quarter. This part of the city will impress you with old buildings and the porches of Via Roma as well as Palazzo Civico. Cagliari is founded as a village of fishers and merchants. Dock up and meet precious remains from the Roman era, now the home of the Church of Sant’Eulalia. Going down the narrow streets, you will see the baroque Church of Sant’Anna. You shouldn’t miss visiting the Anfiteatro, one of Sardinia’s most important Roman ruins.

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