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Seattle, WA


Cruise the Seattle Waterways in Style and Comfort!

1-12 passengers Captain Included

Seattle, WA


Where will your water excursion take you? Enjoy!

1-6 passengers Captain Included

Seattle, WA


38' Luxury Carver Yacht in Seattle!

1-12 passengers Captain Included

Seattle, WA


Duffy Electric Catamaran, Super Quiet, Fun& Easy

1-6 passengers No Captain

Kirkland, WA


Meridian yacht

1-12 passengers No Captain

Seattle, WA


76 Ft. Luxury Motor Yacht for a Special Occassion

1-12 passengers Captain Included

How to Rent a Yacht in Seattle

If you would like to charter a yacht or a catamaran, the waters around Seattle and Lake Washington can be the ideal place for you. When you choose a Seattle private yacht charter, you'll have the chance to enjoy Lake Washington in style while you cruise along the beautiful water. At Boatsetter, we provide a simple platform to make renting a yacht as convenient as possible. First, think about the type of yacht you would like and explore some of the places you might want to visit. Then, get a big group of your best friends involved and you can all experience some incredible sailing on Puget Sound or Lake Washington.

Experience Seattle Yachting

With so much to do in the Seattle area, you will need to have the right type of boat for your private yacht rental. In addition to Puget Sound and Lake Washington, here are some special yachting experiences you might want to try on your Seattle yacht charter.

Explore Fishermen’s Terminal

Fishermen's Terminal is a dock that opened in 1914. Sail your Seattle boat rental over to the terminal on Salmon Bay in the Interbay neighborhood, east of the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, and immediately west of the Ballard Bridge. There is freshwater mooring for fishing vessels and yachts up to 250 ft in length. There is also a public access float that provides free moorage for up to four hours.

Attend the Boating Season Opening Day

There has been an official boating season with an opening day on the first Saturday in May every year since 1913. This takes place along the shores of Montlake Cut on the eastern side of the Lake Washington Ship Canal. There are exciting sailboat races and even some trophy ceremonies. You’ll learn about all kinds of different boats in the water.

Visit the Fishermen's Memorial

The Seattle Fishermen's Memorial faces the water between the docks and the Terminal building. It is a stone and bronze sculpture with plaques memorializing more than 670 local commercial people who have been lost at sea since the beginning of the 20th century. Since 1988, the Terminal has hosted the annual Fishermen’s Fall Festival for the return of the North Pacific fishing fleet. This can be an especially good outing for younger family members.

Seattle's Best Bodies of Water for Yachting

If you are looking forward to practicing your yachting skills, the waters off the Seattle area can be one of your best bets. In general, these are some of the best bodies of water in Seattle to sail your private yacht charter.


Sail your Seattle yacht rental into the calm protected waters of Liberty Bay. This is less than 20 miles from downtown and you will eventually end up in Poulsbo, also known as Little Norway on the Fjord. This town is full of natural beauty and there are endless side streets to explore in the quaint downtown area. Poulsbo’s famous Little Norway area is suitable for children and pets. It is also ideal for yachting because of the picturesque downtown marina.

Port Orchard

Port Orchard is an easy cruise of 13 miles away on your Seattle yacht charter. Port Orchard is a maritime village with a busy waterfront community and a popular tourist area. Bay Street, just a short block from the waterfront park, marina and foot ferry, is lined with antique shops and gift shops. Port Orchard is a good place for foodies, too. There is an award-winning bakery, cafes, pubs, and other attractions. During the summer, there are lots of free events, like family concerts and festivals.

Bell Harbor Marina

Dock your yacht in the marina and explore the waterfront. Get a table at any of the nearby seafood restaurants and simply absorb life in Seattle. For the children, the nearby Seattle Aquarium is a 120,000-gallon aquarium with a 40-foot, 55,000-lb viewing window. The aquarium also features two pools of bright sea anemones and sunflower sea stars, a pacific coral reef exhibit, and the aquarium’s largest exhibit—a huge underwater dome.

Best Yachts to Rent in Seattle

Select a Sundancer, a Bayliner, or a Rinker for your Seattle private yacht rental, and enjoy sailing along the calm waters of Lake Washington.


Sundancers offer cruising comforts and sleek design with a full kitchen. Many of the cabins on these yachts are beautifully decorated with Italian leather, designer comforters, and accent plush pillows. You can also enjoy the flatscreen TV and Bluetooth ready stereo in the main cabin.

Rent a Sundancer


Bayliners can be ideal luxury yachts if you are planning to spend the whole day out on the water. For a lot of these yacht rentals, you will find that coolers with water, ice, and beach towels will sometimes be included in the overall rental price.

Rent a Bayliner


You can entertain a large group when you choose a Rinker for your private yacht charter. The deep bow offers safe riding and comfortable lounging for all passengers. These boats have an open concept floor plan with plenty of room for family and friends. Storage areas and lots of stainless steel cup holders keep everything neatly stowed away for convenient access.

Rent a Rinker

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