4 Things to Know Before Choosing a Motor

Because the Motor is the Heart of Every Great Boat

If your priority is speed and practice, then motorboats are your best option. There are many advantages of having a motorboat, like sitting in a comfortable seat next to an intuitive steering wheel and dashboard, accompanied with an easy-to-operate intra or outboard motor. Above all, motorboats provide vast spaciousness and comfort. Despite its virtues, you must assess some basic rules when buying a boat: do not look for a length much larger than you need. The larger the boat, the more weight it will have and the more power it will need to navigate. That results in higher expenses. In any case, take enough time for buying a boat motor that suits your needs the best.

Size Matters When Choosing a Boat

As we have mentioned above, it’s important to be careful when deciding on the length of your boat. You don’t need a twenty feet long yacht if you can’t afford to purchase the appropriate motor. When you own a boat, you must be aware that its size directly influences the capacity and the power of the motor. If you place a small motor on your boat, you may face safety issues or engine wearing. If you put a large motor on your smaller vessel, there might be severe overheating issues. So be careful when choosing, since no one wants to have his boat damaged due to negligence.

Four Stroke or Two Stroke

The two-stroke motor consists of one intake stroke and one combustion stroke. The four-stroke one consists of an intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust stroke. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, in two-stroke motors, one in every two strokes produces energy, but its fuel economy is very low. At four-stroke motors, this is a great advantage, but the power to weight ratio is way smaller. This decision depends on the boat itself, but it is also an individual decision.

Boat Horsepower

Like in every other vehicle whose power is measured in horsepower units, the boat owner must decide what he wants. But, not every engine should be loaded to its fullest and be the fastest one. Boats require more attention, and in order to decide what the optimal power you need is, you must take into account many other factors. For instance, take into consideration the manufacturer’s limit and advice. Check the fuel efficiency. Account the number of people your boat can attend and what is boat horsepower-to-weight ratio. Another critical factor is when and where would you use your boat. Is it only to cruise the local river or you want to sail the sea and go fishing? Remember that any additional gear on the boat requires more power. Once you gather all these data, you will know what to use.

Fuel is Important

Every vehicle requires fuel, but in the boating industry, the owner decides which one is it going to be. Petrol, diesel or hybrid are the options and the choice will depend one more time on the specifications of the boat. You want your engine to last longer, so before deciding, let the manufacturer guide you, since they know best what will make your boat fly. Don’t mix fuel. If you used petrol once, use it forever. You want what is best for your vessel, so make sure you think twice before making a decision.


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