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Why Cape Coral Needs to Be Your Summer Destination

Written by Boatsetter Team
October 2, 2020

Last Updated on June 12, 2024 by Boatsetter Team

Your Guide to One of Florida’s Best Getaways

The mesmerizing coast, golf courses, and numerous family attractions are what makes Cape Coral an irresistible location. It is situated on the edge of Florida, with waters from the Gulf of Mexico splashing the coast and the sandy beaches. It can be compared to Miami in terms of desirability for many tourists and thanks to numerous water activities and beautiful beaches, many more are yet to come. This Florida destination is ideal for a family or for a group of friends that seek a joyful and enjoyable place to spend their vacation.

Fishing in Cape Coral

Many lovers of this activity claim that Cape Coral is a fisherman’s dream. Since it is located in the Gulf of Mexico, aquatic life is vibrant. Of course, you have the option of renting Cape Coral boat charters, so bring your fellow fishermen and prepare for some great catches. Getting up at dawn and having the entire day to indulge yourself in fishing with friends is a great way to spend your time in this wonderful getaway. You will be able to come across redfish or trout, and the occasional tarpon. Anchors away!

Go Diving in the Gulf

The Gulf of Mexico is one of the best places for diving in the whole wide world. As we mentioned, the picturesque, vibrant wildlife in the crystal clear water is one of the characteristics that make the Gulf so very well known. You can rent one of Boatsetter’s sailboats, bring your friends and dive into the depths to explore. You may find the most fantastic flower gardens, arranged perfectly beneath the water. The corals are stunning, and their dance in the water will lure you into watching for as long as you can. You can also go wreck diving, another popular pastime in this area. All in all, you will have a fantastic experience while visiting Cape Coral.

Visit Useppa Island

There is a lot of islands that surround the Cape Coral, but Useppa is a true emerald of the Gulf. This little piece of heaven is located near the northern end of the famous Pine Island, and the luxurious resorts are what makes it so irresistible. Due to its key archeological features, it is listed in the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. It simply has it all. The palm trees greet everyone from the shore, while the white sand sparkles in the sun. When you rent a boat in Cape Coral, make sure you visit this island.

Sail Towards the Sunset

Cape Coral has a lot of canals, and it bathes in the warm Mexican Gulf, so boating in Cape Coral is a great way to visit it all. We suggest starting from the Coast of Caloosahatchee River and going all the way to Sanibel Island. Around 20-miles of the trip along the coast of Cape Coral will be enough to fall in love with the sights and images. The panoramic view above the place and a light breeze that plays with your senses while you sail towards the sunset will be a memorable image and great vacation ending.

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