Boatsetter’s 5 Favorite Fall Activities To Do By Boat

Written by Kristen Rogers
September 24, 2018

Last Updated on November 3, 2023 by Boatsetter Team

The fall is the perfect time to get out on the water. The scorching heat of summer is dying, the view is spectacular, and your family is ready for one last relaxing weekend before the busy holiday season approaches. Here are five awesome things to do on Boatsetter boat this autumn.

1. Go night fishing.

Fishing is common in the summer when you still have hours of daylight after work every day. But in the fall, when the sun starts setting earlier, you can still have some fun after dark. Take out a kayak and a light, and get in a little bit of your favorite relaxing activity. Be sure you’re wearing reflective clothing and that all your lights are charged or given fresh batteries before you go out.

2. Take a boating tour of the autumn colors.

The beauty of fall leaves is only amplified by their reflection in the water. Many popular lakes around the U.S. offer “leaf peeping” tours from the water, cruising around with guests to show off some of the best views in the world. Mountain lakes are often perfect for this, because you’ll get to see golden and red mountain sides as you hang out on your boat. Pictures just don’t do this type of view any justice, so make it a goal to see this in person at least once.

3. Go sterngating during fall sports season.

Tailgating is a popular activity in which you get together with friends for some food and fun before or after a sporting event – usually in the parking lot around the “tail” of your truck. Sterngating is the same idea – just on your boat! Go boating with your friends, and then watch the game on your boat TV, or listen on your boat radio. It’s a great way to combine two awesome hobbies into one fun day.

4. Check out a boating show or event.

The fall is often filled with shows and events as sponsors try to get in some final advertising before the winter shuts down the water sports crowd. You can find events like the International Boat Show in Fort Lauderdale, usually held in November, or annual “Wine on the Water” events anywhere there is both water and a wine-producing area. Some areas offer sailing events, while others offer water sporting days. Be sure to find out what events are going on at water hot spots near you for the fall.

5. Take a canoe camping trip.

If you’ve never tried a canoe or kayak camping trip, this is a great time of year for it. You’ll spend your days on the water, cruising along, fishing, and enjoying the water. At night, you’ll pull up on a likely-looking bank area and camp out under the stars. Bring a hammock for sleeping, or just toss a tarp over some limbs and rough it. Either way, you’ll have a blast.

These five activities are great ways to squeeze just a bit more fun out of the year. Check out the vast fleet options in your area here!

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