Get the All Inclusive Boatsetter Experience in Turks and Caicos

Written by Mariah Hoefle
February 28, 2019

Last Updated on January 13, 2022 by Boatsetter Team

When it comes to “island life,” it doesn’t get much better than Turks and Caicos—and if you want the trip of a lifetime, there’s no better way to go than with one of our many boat rentals experiences from Boatsetter. Located just south of the Bahamas, this tropical getaway will take you away from the hustle-and-bustle of tourist-hubs and lead you off the beaten path towards seclusion and relaxation.

While you can always rent a boat for the day, why not go all out and spoil yourself with the ultimate overnight charter experience? If you’ve ever been on a charter before or you don’t know where to start with your planning, that’s okay! Let’s start with the basics.

Overnight Charter Experience: Setting Your Budget

Yacht charters have developed a misleading reputation over the years for being extremely expensive and out of reach for most boaters and vacationing families; however, we’re here to tell you that chartering can actually be quite affordable. How? Well, for starters it’s important to go into planning your charter with a set budget in mind. Be sure to consider the number of passengers that will be onboard, captain and crew needs, activities, food and drink, and the duration of the trip.

According to our Yacht Charter Quick Start Guide, if a yacht listed at $6,000 a week with a passenger count of 8 people, then that amounts to about $750 a person. You can learn more about budgeting for your Turks and Caicos charter by reading our blog, How Much Do Private Yacht Charters Cost?

Choosing Captain and Crew 

Before jet-setting off on vacation, most people will do a little research to learn more about the destination and all it has to offer. When it comes to Turks and Caicos, even the most in-depth planning doesn’t hold a candle to the value that comes from hiring an experienced captain and crew with a wealth of knowledge of the local area. The most obvious benefit of opting for a charter with a captain and crew is that you have more time to relax and enjoy your vacation.

Not to mention, additional benefits fall under the realm of safety. Seasoned captains and their crews not only know what to do in the rare chance of an emergency, but they are also experts in dealing with the boats they work on. This includes handling the mechanical systems, engines, navigation, docking, mooring, and more.

Planning Your Itinerary 

Once you’ve sorted out your budget requirements and lined up a captain and crew, then comes the fun part: planning your charter! Regardless of whether you are cruising for a short weekend away or planning a week-long trip, you’ll want to have a well-thought out itinerary to follow to keep you on track. In the Turks and Caicos, you’ll definitely want to pencil in some time for snorkeling or diving at one of the many reefs scattered throughout its 40 small islands and cays. Don’t forget to make time for sightseeing and taking in some of the local cuisine—and you won’t want to leave without catching a sunset on the water.

To learn more about scheduling the perfect all-inclusive overnight charter experience in Turks and Caicos, be sure to read our Ultimate Yacht Charters Guide.

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