10 Best Boats for Wakeboarding

10 Best Boats for Wakeboarding

Written by Lenny Rudow
September 29, 2022

Last Updated on November 3, 2023 by Boatsetter Team

You say you love watersports, and you’re thinking about checking out wakeboard boat rentals, or possibly even buying one of your own? We say you’re thinking along the right lines — wakeboarding and watersports, in general, is a great way to have endless fun out on the water.

Different wakeboard boats will prove ideal for different people, and choosing the best one for you and your family is no easy task. Well, we’re going to make it just a bit easier.

Here’s a  list of 10 best boats for wakeboarding for 2023:

  1. Axis Wake T235
  2. Chaparral 30 Surf
  3. Four Winns Surf Series
  4. Heyday WT-2DC
  5. Malibu 26 LVS
  6. Mastercraft XStar S Piranha
  7. Moomba Mondo
  8. Nautique G25 Paragon
  9. Supreme S240
  10. Yamaha Wake Series

Keep reading—we bet you’ll find one (or more) among our list that is perfect for you.

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1.  Axis Wake T235

Axis Wake T235

The T235 is the newest boat from Axis (2023 model) and it has all the latest tech to turn rides into thrills. It’s designed specifically for both wakeboarding and wake surfing, with the ability to adjust and shape wakes via the Power Wedge III tab (which generates up to 1,500 pounds of displacement) and the Axis Surf Gate (equipped with hydraulic actuators to shift the wake from side to side in a blink).

  • Estimated MSRP:$129,000

Visit Axis Wake to learn more.

2.  Chaparral 30 Surf

Chaparral 30 surf

A 30-foot surf boat?! Well, yes and no. This won’t be the choice for wake sports connoisseurs, but if you want a mega-monster bowrider and you also enjoy watersports, no surf boat gets more mega than this Chaparral 30 Surf.

It’s also one of the few surf boats around that has twin engines, a pair of Volvo Penta V-8s hitched to Forward Drive units, which places the props far forward of the transom to allow for safe wake surfing.

For many people size will matter, and in this case, the extra space nets you a roomy enclosed head compartment with a vanity, sink, and pull-out freshwater shower; comfy seating for a dozen people (note that the boat is yacht certified, so it doesn’t carry a maximum on the number of passengers); and 7,200 pounds of mass that will squash the waves of all those other boats without effort.

  • Estimated MSRP:$155,995

Visit Chaparral to learn more.

3.  Four Winns Surf Series

Four Winns Surf Series

In the case of Four Winns we’re not going to focus on one single boat but instead on their Surf Series model line, because these 22’ to 26’6” boats are essentially Four Winns runabouts tweaked for watersports with a Volvo Penta Forward Drive.

Are they hard core wake boats? Heck no. Do they deliver all the versatility and family fun of a bowrider? Heck yes. Any of the boats in this lineup will score high among families with boating interests that go beyond wake sports alone, but still make a great beginner boat for those who love the sport.

And you beginner boarders — check out Wakeboarding Basic Tricks before you step aboard and you’ll have a few stunts up your sleeve from day one.

  • Estimated MSRP: 102,998

Visit Four Winns to learn more.

4.  Heyday WT-2DC

Heyday WT-2DC

The Heyday WT-2DC is one of the few dedicated watersports boats that offers fans a way to get into the game without blowing the budget. Its priced 30- to 50-percent below many competitors, but has a hull designed to maximize wake-throwing displacement with an angled transom that adds curl to the wake.

Standard power is a potent 350-hp Crusader inboard, standard ballast is 1,800-pounds (an additional 650-pound ballast system is optional), and up to a dozen people can jump aboard for the ride. Heyday also equips the WT-2DC with a removable swim platform and folding tower, for easy storage.

  • Estimated MSRP:$66,995

Visit Heyday to learn more.

5.  Malibu 26 LVS

Malibu 26 LVS

The biggest boat ever built by Malibu, the 26 LVS is all new for 2023 and is one of the largest dedicated wakesports boats around. You want to be king of the lake? Here you go. The 26 LVS has an amazing 17-person capacity, carries an eye-popping 6,100 pounds of ballast, and powers across the water with a 607-hp 6.2L direct-injected Monsoon LT4 engine.

A cool perk found on the 26 LVS is the “Max-Pivot” seat in the stern, which converts between a rear-facing seat and a sunlounge.

  • Estimated MSRP:$165,500

Visit Malibu Boats to learn more.

6.  MasterCraft Xstar S Piranha

MasterCraft Xstar S Piranha

This limited edition 2023 model is stacked with just about every upgrade and premium feature you can imagine. From the purple flake gel coat to the Klipsch 10 speaker stereo system to the stern thruster — yes, this is a wake boat with a stern thruster for the ultimate in dockside handling — the Xstar S Piranha really does have it all.

Power is provided by a supercharged 6.2L Ilmor inboard and waves are crafted with Surfstar, which integrates the ballast, tabs, and wake-shaping software in a touchscreen-controlled system.

  • Estimated MSRP:$329,446.00

Visit MasterCraft to learn more.

7.  Moomba Mondo

Moomba Mondo

The Mondo is Moomba’s smallest boat at 20’ of LOA, and with a trailer length of 23’9” and a height of fewer than eight feet with the tower folded down, gives watersports fans the ability to step into a top-quality wake boat that fits into many garages.

Storing a boat indoors extends its lifetime and boosts resale value tremendously, so this can be a make-or-break characteristic. Features of note include 3,700 pounds of ballast, and options for the Flow3 and Smartplate tabs for enhanced wake-shaping abilities.

  • Estimated MSRP:$86,720

Visit Moomba to learn more.

8.  Nautique G25 Paragon

Nautique G25 Paragon

If you’re searching for the wake boat that delivers the maximum in luxury, the Nautique G25 will doubtlessly be a top contender. The bow has recliner-size seats with armrests and a drop-in insert turns the entire area into a huge sun lounge.

The stern has a center three-position seat that can face either way or join the side loungers to span the entire width of the boat, and the actuated helm seat adjusts at the press of a button. The stereo system is another highlight, boasting six speakers in the boat, four on the tower, a pair of subwoofers, a monoblock amp, and a JL Audio MM100 head unit plus a transom remote. Whew!

  • Estimated MSRP:$375,000

Visit Nautique to learn more.

9.  Supreme S240

Supreme S240

Supreme’s S series is intended to deliver a top-end wave-making machine at a lower-than-expected price, and the S240 is the largest model in the line. It comes with the boarding perks you expect in a top-shelf wakeboarding boat, like up to 4,800 pounds of ballast pumped into six individual locations, a stainless-steel tower, and optional Stinger wake plate and QuickSurf systems.

What’s surprising, however, is the boat’s capacity for its size: it can hold a whopping-big crew of 16. If you like to hit the lake with all your friends and their friends too, this one is the ticket.

  • Estimated MSRP: $128,285

Visit Supreme to learn more.

10. Yamaha Wake Series

Yamaha Wake Series

This is another case where it makes sense to look at the entire model line as opposed to a single boat, because Yamaha’s Wake Series is the ideal pick for watersports lovers who also love jet boats.

Available in 22’ and 25’ sizes in multiple levels of trim and wakeboarding tech, these boats run on a pair of Yamaha 1.8L high-output or supercharged engines blasting H2O through 155- or 160-mm high-pressure waterjet pumps. Not only will you never have to worry about having a propeller spinning beneath the surface, these boats offer all the fun and maneuverability of jetboat-style handling.

  • Estimated MSRP:$81,299

Visit Yamaha Boats to learn more.

Are you ready to try an Ollie or the tail grab? We think so too; any of these boats can make it happen — it’s time to get out there and ride. And, if you don’t feel like investing in a boat of your own, you can always rent a wakeboard boat right here on Boatsetter.

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