Best Lakes in Dallas to Swim.

9 Best Lakes in Dallas to Swim

Written by Boatsetter Team
September 14, 2022

Last Updated on September 27, 2022 by Boatsetter Team

Some of Texas’s great lakes can be found in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area, however, not every lake is open for swimming.

If you’re looking for a place to take a dip or dive to cool off from being onboard, be sure to read all about these nine popular lakes near Dallas for swimming (and other boating activities):

  1. White Rock Lake
  2. Lake Texoma
  3. Grapevine Lake
  4. Lewisville Lake
  5. Joe Pool Lake
  6. Eagle Mountain Lake
  7. Possum Kingdom Lake
  8. Lake Ray Roberts
  9. Lavon Lake

Read the entire post to catch additional Boatsetter Pro Tips in the DFW region.

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1. White Rock Lake

White Rock Lake, Texas.

White Rock Lake (1,015 acres) is a city lake. It’s known as the spot for Dallas’ on-the-water recreation! Surrounded by beautiful parks and trails, the water here is pristine. There are also several designated swimming beaches at this lake that you can visit while boating.

White Rock Lake Park has a 3-acre dog park for your furry first mate to enjoy! The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is a nearby attraction, on the shore of the lake, you can go for more exploration.

  • Boating activities: Swimming, row boating, lounging
  • Where to dock or meet boat rental: White Rock Boathouse, White Rock Boat Club, Boat Launch (in White Rock Lake Park)
  • Target fish: White crappie, channel catfish, and largemouth bass.

2. Lake Texoma

Lake Texoma, Texas.

Located about an hour north of Dallas, Lake Texoma is a vast reservoir with a 550-mile shoreline, perfect for boaters looking to do multiple activities within one boating trip. Its hidden coves, dock and dine restaurants, and natural beauty attracts millions of visitors every year.

As well as Lake Texoma State Park, you have many beaches, and campgrounds like Catfish Bay and Johnson Creek peppered along the coast to make a weekend out of this trip for those looking to extend their trip.

Pro Tip: If you want to catch striped bass or you’ve never caught one before, go fishing at Lake Texoma, also known as the striped bass capital of the world.

One other cool thing about this lake is it offers boaters the opportunity to explore the two states it shares a border with Oklahoma and Texas.

  • Boating activities: Lounging, jet boating, swimming
  • Where to dock or meet boat rental: Alberta Creek Marina, Catfish Bay Marina, Grandpappy Point Marina
  • Target fish: Striped bass, channel catfish, blue catfish, flathead catfish.

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3. Grapevine Lake

Murrell Park, Grapevine Lake, Texas.

Grapevine Lake is another excellent option for boaters in Northwest Texas. If you’re looking for a lake to swim in, Grapevine Lake is it. Go swimming, windsurfing, and speed boating here.

For public swimming, zones go to Meadowmere Park. Other non-designated swimming areas can be found in Katie’s Woods Park and Rockledge Park. There are several swimming beaches with lifeguards on duty along the coast.

Noteworthy parks to stop at while boating are Murrell Park, Twin Coves Park, Rockledge Park, and Oak Grove Park.

  • Boating activities: Windsurfing, waterskiing, day cruising
  • Where to dock or meet boat rental: Sandbass Point Marina, Sams Dock, Twin Coves Marina
  • Target fish: White bass, white crappie, largemouth bass, and more.

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4. Lewisville Lake

Lake Lewisville, Texas.

Lewisville Lake is yet another huge reservoir perfect for a hot summer day. It’s one of the biggest lakes in Texas. It has more than 230 miles of shoreline and pristine waters. Go to Lake Park Swimming Beach for a swim-friendly and pet-friendly area. Go to Hobie Point for windsurfing and other sports activities.

Party Cove is one of the most popular things to do on the lake. You can drink, dance, and socialize with other boaters. If you and your crew plan on drinking, make sure whoever isn’t drinking is the designated driver or rent a boat with a licensed captain.

  • Boating activities: Waterskiing, cruising, swimming
  • Where to dock or meet boat rental: Lakeview Marina, Hidden Cove Marina Eagle Point Marina
  • Target fish: White bass, blue catfish, channel catfish, spotted bass, and others.

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5. Joe Pool Lake

Joe Pool Lake, Texas.

Joe Pool Lake (7,000 acres) has more than 160 miles of shoreline to explore. Located in the city of Grand Prairie, there are several public beaches where you can swim and sunbathe.

This lake holds a world of opportunities for anglers of all experiences. The lake is surrounded by parks and hiking trails, and there are several designated swimming beaches. While here, check out Cedar Hill State Park for camping, hiking, biking, and picnic areas.

  • Boating activities: Wakeboarding, lounging, fishing
  • Where to launch your boat: Boat ramp (Lynn Creek)
  • Target fish: Largemouth bass, white bass, white crappie, and channel catfish.

6. Eagle Mountain Lake

Eagle Mountain Lake, Texas.

Eagle Mountain Lake (7,400 acres) has a public access boat ramp at Twin Points Park. This lake is open to boaters who want to try out waterskiing. If you happen to fall in the water, don’t fret! Eagle Mountain Lake waters are crystal clear.

There are also several parks around this lake: Twin Points Park, Sandy Beach Park, Heritage Park, Rockledge Park, and LLELA Nature Preserve.

  • Boating activities: Fishing, swimming, day boating
  • Where to dock or meet boat rental: Eagle Mountain Marina, Harbor One, Lake County Marina
  • Target fish: Largemouth bass, spotted bass, white bass, channel catfish, and white crappie.

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7. Possum Kingdom Lake

Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas.

Boating in this 17,000-acre lake might feel like you’re boating in the deep blue sea. Possum Kingdom Lake is just that big! Located in the Palo Pinto Mountains about 90 miles west of Fort Worth, locals and visitors come here to explore the waters.

You and your crew can visit Sandy Beach, Flag Beach, and Willow Beach for swimming and sunbathing.

It has more than 300 miles of shoreline to jet ski, jet boat, go race sailing, and more. There are also several recreational parks surrounding this lake.

Pro Tip: As a measure of safety when boating, always make sure someone has an accurate and detailed copy of your boating itinerary.

Because of its size and many activities and parks to explore, we strongly recommend booking a multi-day boating trip.

  • Boating activities: Swimming, fishing, sailing (leisure or sport)
  • Where to dock or meet boat rental: Possum Kingdom Marina, Bonita Shores Marina, Villa Marina
  • Target fish: White bass, striped bass, white crappie, blue catfish, and largemouth bass.

8. Lake Ray Roberts

Ray Roberts State Park, Texas.

Lake Ray Roberts (29,000 acres) is a great lake for swimming, fishing, and day boating. It is where Isle du Bois can be found. Many other recreational parks such as Ray Roberts Lake State Park embrace boaters looking for campgrounds and picnic areas to rest.

Other noteworthy parks are Johnson Branch State Park, Sanger Pointe Park, Pilot Point Marina Park, and Lake Ray Roberts Greenbelt Park. Same as Possum Kingdom Lake, we strongly recommend booking a multi-day boating trip.

  • Boating activities: Swimming, day boating, water tubing, kayaking
  • Where to dock or meet boat rental: Ray Roberts Marina, Lone Star Lodge & Marina
  • Target fish: White bass, largemouth bass, spotted bass, smallmouth bass, and channel catfish.

9. Lavon Lake

Lavon Lake, Texas.

Lavon Lake (22,000 acres) has a bountiful 150 miles of shoreline. The lake is home to Collin Park and several parks of natural beauty like Myers Park, Avalon Park, Tawakoni State Park, and more.

Parks in the Lavon Lake area all possess unique hiking and biking trails. Most also have picnic areas and campgrounds for boaters to rest. They are also where you can find Lavon’s swimming beaches!

Because of its size, we recommend booking a multi-day boating trip for Lavon Lake.

  • Boating activities: Pontooning, day cruising, paddling
  • Where to dock or meet boat rental: Collin Park Marina, East Fork Harbor Marina, Harbor Bay Marina
  • Target fish: Largemouth bass, blue catfish, white bass, spotted bass, and channel catfish.

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