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The Adrenaline Junkie’s Guide to Boating

Written by Boatsetter Team
December 28, 2017

If your desire is to live on the edge but you are asking yourself, how can I find a boat rental near me? Boatsetter can hook you up with the best boat rental/watersport adventure around!

Boatsetter will give you the Adrenaline Rush you’ve been longing for!


Wakeboarding has been around for years, but the wakesurfing phenomenon of recent years continues to charge on in 2018. In wakeboarding, the rider is pulled by the boat by a tow rope while a wakesurfer only uses a tow rope to get them started on the wave. Once a wakesurfer is up and on the wake, they drop the rope and then shred the waves! Another fun difference is that compared to wakeboarding, wakesurfing happens much closer to the boat. This makes it more sociable as your family and friends can sit at the back of the boat and cheer you on as you ride.

Slalom Skiing

It’s way more fun to waterski on one ski, we’ve been told. Carving back and forth across the wake of the boat on one ski is physically challenging, and it is still known as one of the more extreme sports. For those of us just starting out, you can use a ski rope with a deep V that helps with deep-water starts. You just position the tip of the ski inside the V of the rope, and that helps the ski remain pointed forward as the boat is taking off.  Tip-always let the boat do the work to get you level before you try to stand up.


What might be one of the most extreme sports to ever come out of surfing is kiteboarding, which basically is a combination of sailing, surfing and skydiving. Riders can go up to 30 or 40 miles per hour, soaring several stories high. For those not afraid of heights, be prepared to be pulled around the water by a very large kite – there’s nothing else like it in the world!

When it comes to extreme water sports in 2017, it’s all about reaching new heights. Not unlike Alladin’s magic carpet, this multi-person inflatable ride zips along behind a speedboat, flying up in the air as passengers hang on (rather tightly is advised…) before the speed is reduced and they’re flipped into the water. Check the Fly Fish watersports gear!

The Gear

A vest is essential for anyone practicing water sports. Sure, they can save your life and protect your torso from impact, but let’s be honest—they’re not always fashionable. That is, until now!

Watersports Life Jackets focus on comfort, fit, and style, without sacrificing safety. Front zip options are the preferred point of entry for most water sport enthusiast, and new vests are not only comfortable but also fashionable, in bright prints and creative patterns that feature everything from palm trees to plaid. So stay safe and zip up in style with a cool print that suits you.

Wearing a wetsuit is the best way to give us more time in the water. There are several wetsuit decisions that you should make. First, select whether you need a short wetsuit or a full suit. You need to pick the ideal thickness, depending on the temperature conditions of your most surfed spots. You also need to decide on stitching, stretch and flexibility and length of zippers.

Now that you’ve found the answer to, “how can I find a boat rental near me?” and you’ve got all the insight you need for great water sports and your gear zipped up, all you need to do is book a few boat rentals near you for watersports. Boatsetter has thousands of boats available to help you embark on the ultimate watersport adventure.

Grab your gear, choose your boat rental, and get ready to shred those waves!

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